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  • MaryContrary - The Testing passes the testDefinitely one of the best books I've read so far this year. The style is engaging and while the plot mimics that of the Hunger Games, I found that The Testing used the techniques from the Hunger Games to make a better book. Of all the dystopian books I've read, this is one of the better books. Cia is an admirable protagonist who rings true to life and the area she comes from. The twists at the end of the book left me hungering for more.

    The problems: There are a few passages where I wanted to read the dialogue instead of a description of the dialogue. Also, the author lacks some world building in the beginning which fixes itself by the end. Because this is the first book in a series, I can only imagine that my other questions will be answered in the following volumes.

    This is a great book for teens. I can't wait for the sequel!
  • Justin D. Cofer - If you like Amazon and easy to use buy this tablet you can't loseI went back and forth between the tablets and my Wife wanted to order get a kindle so i got me one as well and I have never been happier with a tablet and i love Amazon so i will be buying another one whenever i need to but that may be a while
  • Ethan B - Definitely download is the way to go.This review is just for downloading MS Office Mac from Amazon. I definitely recommend it. Although it says it could take a while, I have regular unimpressive Comcast internet service and it took 6 minutes to download. The rest of the installation with updates took another 15 minutes, but that time would be the same with the discs. Easy and cheaper than getting the discs and no wasted packaging.
  • ttomaz - my TF201 unboxing experienceAmazon delivered my TF201 yesterday evening. My 15 year old son was super excited and unpacked the device (we have a tablet?!_ Is it Tegra3?!). I entered my Android account info and went to the home office to take a conf call.
    When I returned an hour later he was busy customizing the device. I did a quick check of the OS (Android 4.0.3) and checked WiFi perf (5Mb/s) and let the kids loose with it.
    For the next 3 hours my boys (15, 14 and 9 years old) were fighting over who got to play with it next. Graphics and touch responsiveness are awesome. Visual computing taken to a new level.

    Asus seems to have wrung out the early kinks and the Ice Cream Sandwich promise is real.
  • Shotgun Method - A hard-bitten, cynical, and disturbing masterpiece.Pink Floyd's rock opera The Wall represents the beginning of creative rifts between bassist and leader Roger Waters and the rest of the band. From the very beginning, Waters was calling the shots for this album, writing the vast majority of the songwriting and lyrics, and handling most of the vocals. Waters' ego would eventually destroy the band. Richard Wright left the band right in the midst of The Wall, David Gilmour retained the Pink Floyd name after a harsh legal battle, and the band struggled on without Waters through two far-flung albums, neither of which matched their previous output. However, unlike The Final Cut (which for all intents and purposes was a Waters solo album), The Wall benefits from some Gilmour involvement. His melodic lyrics on The Thin Ice, Mother, Goodbye Blue Sky, and Comfortably Numb make a welcome contrast against Waters' anguished and bitter voice and keep The Wall from being a one-sided affair. And of course who can forget Gilmour's transcendent guitar playing throughout? His mind-blowing solo on Comfortably Numb will go down as one of the great moments in rock history. I feel that The Wall, despite its strong Waters bias, is perhaps their best album. Conceptually this album was the tightest Pink Floyd effort. The only true way to listen to The Wall is as an entire piece, not as singles. Musically, this album is very different from the post-psychedelia of Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here, relying less on synthesizers and soundscapes and more on traditional rock instrumentation along with Michael Kamen's orchestration. The Wall's story is embittered, angry, and disturbing, filled with Waters' trademark cynicism and political criticism (though not nearly as scathing as Waters' solo albums). The story of Pink's life and mental breakdown is compelling and frightening. Waters was at his undisputed peak lyrically throughout, and despite the internal disputes the rest of the band is in prime form. Highlights of this album: The blustery, aggressive opener of In The Flesh?, the legendary Another Brick In The Wall I-III, the sarcastic acoustic ballad Mother, the arena rocker Young Lust, the scary One Of My Turns, the eerie and dark Hey You, the absolutely amazing Comfortably Numb, and the driving melody of Run Like Hell. Pink's story comes to a decisive finish with The Trial and Outside The Wall. If you are a musophile, you probably have this album already. If you don't it is absolutely imperative to add The Wall to your list of future purchases. It's a true experience, ranking right up there next to The Who's Quadraphenia as the best rock opera and perhaps one of the Top 10 greatest rock albums ever.