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  • Laura B. Bayon - Standing with Wendy in FABULOUS shoes!A group of gals in my exercise class was moved by the recent eleven-hour stand done by Wendy Davis wearing these sporty watermelon-colored shoes in Texas. We have been quick to order pairs for ourselves, and I wore my new ones from amazon today to class. They were amazingly comfortable and springy, and the color is a refreshing change from the usual exercise shoe. Three cheers for the shoe - three cheers for Wendy!
  • ChangeOfHeart - Put me in my place!I was going to purchase this product for my college classes, but then I realized that women are supposed to be home by five to cook! I've withdrawn from all of my classes because being a Doctor would prevent me from having those luxurious hours to do productive things like cook, clean, and watch the children. I have accepted the fact that if I even was a doctor, I would only get 72% of what men make: after all I need to go home to my children. What if their development was harmed by me not being with them all day every day? Thank you Avery Binders! You've really turned my life around. It's a change for the better!
  • Motown - You better buy oneWell, I have to say that this truly is the best grill I have ever seen. Over the years Ive bought those less than $200 grills and after about 2 or 3 years they start to burn everything you put on it or they don't cook evenly. Don't waste your money anymore on those cheap units, spend $260 or more and be happy. The infrared is a great think.
  • William - Some Humor Is Thrown Into The Study GuideUnlike some of their competitors, the authors of this Study Guide at the Tax Squad have thrown some humor into their study guide to help make what some people's opinions are is a traditionally dry stale subject into something that it is a bit more entertaining. The book matches the real IRS Test material with nine chapters. Chapters include Preliminary Work, Income, Items Legally Excluded From Income, Adjustments To Gross Income, Basis & Depreciation, Gains & Losses, Standards and Itemized Deductions, Taxes & Credit, Completition Of The Filing Process, and Practices, Procedures & Ethics. There are 10 practice questions at the end of each chapter with the answers and explanations. In addition, there are free practice questions available online. In my personal opinion, the practice questions were harder and had more wording than the real IRS test. This study guide prepares somebody for the real exam and is helpful.