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  • SDH13 - Awesome PlanI can't say enough about this plan. Finally, a plan that not only peels of the pounds but teaches you a healthy lifestyle. Once you have met your goal weight, you merely eat from ALL of the food lists which is just about everything you would want, and follow the third phase which again, is everything you could want in daily eating. It teaches you to eat whole foods that are all healthy and many are finding they are able to rid themselves of meds for various weight related illnesses.

    I can't understand how one particular review states it's starving people and little food portions but many of us can't even eat alllll of the food. During the loss process the first 2 phases do limit the groups you eat from however, the third phase and again, the one you follow to maintain your weight once you hit your goal is from all of the food groups and so much to eat :0) You're likely to never be hungry, but for the times you are, you don't have to wait so many more hours, you just eat veggies of your choice to hold you over,

    If you have an issue with this plan, most likely it is going to be eating ALLL of the food you are supposed to.
    If someone can tell you they starve on this plan then they need more than an eating plan because they are used to eating waaaaay too much food lol

    The pounds are peeling off and all the while, eating super healthy foods :0))

    If someone tells you it's like starving then they obvious have NOT tried it. Some of the negative reviews seem more like a recruiting session for another well know diet plan. Sour grapes that this one is not only so healthy but it works so incredibly well :0)

    Give it a try, you'll be so happy you did and there's a great support group online, which makes you feel so much support and helpf, and the author of this plan has a facebook page where she answers your questions daily.
  • Jim - Love it, use it daily.If you're considering purchasing Autodesk Sketchpad Pro 2011 for yourself, I highly recommend that you download and test drive the fully operating trial software from Autodesk's website (usable free for 15 days).

    I also recommend watching the10 minute video review of Sketchbook Pro 2010 (the previous version to the one under review) by John Muhlenkamp at ID Sketching dot com. (Search for idsketching sketchbook pro review.)

    I'm an illustrator and I've always done my professional work an old-fashioned way, with pen & ink and watercolor. But I love using Sketchbook Pro with my Wacom Bamboo pen tablet (model CTL-460). The tablet came with Corel Painter Essentials 4 software, which has a drawing & painting module as well as a "photo painting" module. It's okay, but I prefer Autodesk Sketchbook Pro because I find the interface smoother to work with. This preference is in large part as subjective as are my preferences for certain brands of watercolors, watercolor paper, inks, nibs, and brushes. As an artist I want to work with materials that facilitate a seamless flow between creative impulse and art object, and Sketchpad Pro allows that; I never feel that the software is an obstacle.

    I have also tried painting software called Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio. The interface between TwistedBrush and my Wacom tablet is not nearly as smooth as is the interface between the tablet and Sketchbook, in that I just don't have as much control over the pen when using TwistedBrush as I do when using Sketchbook. I find using Sketchbook as natural and comfortable as drawing on good quality paper in pen & ink with an ultra smooth nib. When I use pen & ink and watercolor, once I make a coloring decision I rarely change it, as in most cases changing it would require starting the entire piece over from scratch. With Sketchbook I can experiment with colors to get a sense of what might work best on paper.

    I like the symmetry tool in Sketchbook that Corel Painter Essentials 4 lacks, but I wish Sketchbook had the gradient fill feature that Corel Painter Essentials 4 has. The only other con I can think of for Sketchbook compared to CPE4 is that inserting text into a sketch in Sketchpad is not as intuitive a process as it is (for me, at least) in CPE4 (e.g., if I want to enter text into a cartoon balloon). The help for Sketchbook is online; clicking on help opens a web browser. This is not a problem for me given that I have a broadband connection.

    I love Sketchbook Pro and use it every day. Definitely test out the trial version if you're considering buying it for yourself.