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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 01803 Burlington, Massachusetts

  • Susan F. Keith "fern" - When She's Happy, I'm HappyI bought this as a Christmas gift for my 10 year old granddaughter. Her older siblings have computers and she wanted one too, but mom and dad don't think she's ready for a laptop of her own yet. The Kindle Fire was sort of a compromise. She's happy to be able to play games and surf the internet a little bit. Mom and dad are happy that she can use the Kindle to read books. She takes it everywhere, and it keeps her busy when she has to ride in the car, wait in the doctor's office, stand in line at the post office - or any of the hundreds of other times that she normally would be fidgeting and complaining about being bored. She even used it the other night at a busy restaurant, as we waited for our table to be called and again after we ordered, as we waited for our food. I've tried my hand at a few games myself, and was impressed with the graphics and the speed of the processor. This is an excellent "toy" and a great educational tool.
  • Michelle - It worksI have been happy with this product. It have tried other prescription products that end up causing dry and irritated skin. Sweatblock works without being harsh on your skin.