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  • Carolyn Bryant - Binders Full of Men?As a long-time single Woman, I thought.....well, if one can find Binders full of Women, why not Binders full of Men? We all know that a good man is hard to find these days, all the good ones are either married or gay. So - thinking this must be an untouched resource, I came to this site in the hopes of finding a Good Man - in fact, perhaps Binders full of Good Men.

    Regrettably, as I suspected, Avery is totally sold out of Binders full of Good Men. I expect that this is due to the fact that Presidential Hopeful, Mittens Romney's reference to Binders full of Good Women caused a run on the product, hence all the Binders of Good Women are on backorder.

    Being desperate for the opportunity to find a Binder full of Good Men (which I've been told is nearly impossible to find), I put out the following plea!

    If, perhaps, one of you does take delivery on a Binder full of Good Men, only to discover that it is, in fact, full of Rejects (namely those whose images are in that of Mr. Romney), you might be so kind as to return them straightaway, so that those of us who missed out on the first delivery will have a chance at taking delivery on those Seconds that no one wanted.

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Mimi "new Mimi (grandma!)" - very helpful Abx book & info on disease processesBook is extremely helpful for Abx. Would recommend as an adjunct to one's arsenal of drug books. Helpful tables & such as well. Goes into depth with many disease processes. Book also lists the authors' sources for each disease process and recommendations and treatment. Book is set up by disease process, pathogens, management, drugs (antibacterial, antifungal, antimycobacterial, etc.)
    Did I mention that book's framework is by disease process, such as C.diff - then microbiology - then Clinical aspects (risk, Abx risk, clinical presentation, Dx, Lab tests) - then Sites of Infection. Treatment. Then Special Considerations, such as avoiding antiperistaltics, etc. Infection control measures. Follow-up instructions, then Other Information and More Information.

    I bought the paperback book and also bought the Kindle version. If you are in doubt, download the Kindle app, download a free sample of the book & look through the sample!
    One last note - author is the same author affiliated with the helpful Up-To-Date program!
  • T. Nunn "txgirlnak" - Honest reviewI used to be 260 pounds as well as a diabetic now I am 246 after being on Visalus for 3 months. I am happy with the results and so is my doctor. I am not sure why that person was only able to lose 1-2 pounds...I even still ate burgerking and pizza and still lost weight lol. My best friend and distrubutor said I would have lost more if I had not eaten that crappy food, however I am hard headed. I am going to cut that food out for the next 3 months so I can see the results I get. My only gripe is for the first month I was always hungry so instead of doing 8oz I did 16oz, added 3 scoops instead of two and added more berries.