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  • Penelnwpt - Eye openingAll parents of boys need to read this book and the sooner the better. As a parent of a 16 and 8yr old boys, this made me aware of the many levels of social and psychological pressures our boys are under today. No, they are not the strong and silent types, they are the vunerable and confused. This book gives parents a unique view of what our boys are facing in their lives and how to best guide them. The prompts for conversations with your son about difficult subjects are invaluable as are the straight forward stratigies to use to teach boys how to face difficult situations and subjects. This book will help you to help your boys become the men you would want your daughters to be with.
  • Katharine Karstens - Great product!!!WOW! I had a mole on my arm for years. It drove me crazy. I didnt want to go to a doctor to have it surgically removed, so I tried this product and my mole is gone!!! Thank you Dermatend! I used it like the instructions said, but I did leave it on overnight, 3/4 of the mole came off, then I reapplied to the little bit of the mole that was left and that was gone a few days later. Took about a week for the whole process!!! So happy!