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  • random.brainstorm - Excellent Self-Help Guide for the Recovering AddictIf you or someone you love is trying to break free of a huge ship habit, then you will want to add this one to your library. Trimmer's personal journey is both insightful and deeply personal. He tried his first row-boat in middle school and before he knew it he was hooked on yachts and tugs. In college, his addiction turned to huge ships, at which point he dropped out, and over the next several years he became involved in increasingly destructive behavior. He knew he needed to get himself under control, but it took a major huge ship overdose and two nearly-fatal relapses before he decided he had to turn his life around. It took several years, but he has now moved inland and is happily married. During the summer, you'll find him at his No Dinghy Ranch in the Nevada desert, where he operates a special retreat program for huge ship addicts. He's appeared as an expert on several talk shows and is a prominent voice in the national discussion to license paddleboats and legislate harsher penalties for selling canoes and rafts to minors.

    Based on other 12-step programs, you will also want to get his "Huge Ship Recovery Workbook", which helps you keep track of your personal goals and implement Trimmer's method for a huge ship free life.

    It worked for me! I've not only been huge ship free for several years, but I've actually eliminated all flotation devices from my life. I steer clear of puddles and swimming pools, and if a cruise commercial comes on the radio, I just immediately switch the station. Thanks to Trimmer, I've been able to avoid huge ships permanently!

    Whether or not huge ships have ruined your life, you can still get involved. Huge Ship recovery groups have formed in most metropolitan areas. And we could always use more volunteers to help people who are stuck on huge ships to get off them.

    PS. When you order the book, please keep in mind that shipping is never free! Its toll on human life and on our economy can't begin to be measured. The shipping industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone, and it is estimated that tens of thousands of people waste millions of hours on huge ships every year. We simply must end this madness and return to healthier methods. (I personally advocate reviving the Pony Express. Having said that, I realize that some people are allergic to horses, so I understand if you don't think this is the ideal solution.)
  • Janet Bardini - The anti-diet that will change your lifeIt's not a cliche when I say that Lyn Genet's The Plan will change your life. When I went into menopause, my weight went up and I found it more difficult to lose it. My digestion has always been wacked and I've suffered from debilitating knee pain for many years. I found The Plan very easy to follow and each day I followed it, I felt better and better. It was amazing how I would get on the scale and lose 1 -2 lbs a day with the right food combinations. A good part of my knee pain is gone.The BEST thing about The Plan is that you will NOT gain back all the weight you lose, which other diets can't do. You will be able to maintain your goal within a pound or two, which I have done since August 2012. I asked Lyn Genet why this happens, and her response is this: you have improved your digestion and brought your body back to a younger age. As a alternative medicine practitioner, I have been recommending The Plan to many of my patients. GO ON THE PLAN!
  • TwinCitesRider - Quick Learning Curve for Quicken!Simple to Complex, it covers it all - I found the Register to work just like your standard checkbook register, with easy editing of any field. And all the "auto fill" features really simplifies repeat entrees. The flexibility available in report generation is virtually unparalleled, being able to manipulate a report AFTER it has been generated, changing sort orders, how to total or subtotal, change the date range, and much, much, more! So much more than being able to adjust a margin or orientation before sending your report to the printer. Setting up a connection with the bank was extremely easy, as it is almost holding your hand through the process. The database of bank names even included the credit union that I use for my personal accounts, and it hadn't been there, it was ready to help me find it! I purchased the Starter Edition (great price!) and can't imagine what else I could need or get with any other version! Thank you Quicken, you have made my life a little bit easier to manage! Tom P., Minneapolis, MN.
  • iHyphy - Addictimals!Kinectimals is structured and directed more to a younger audience. My 5 year old daughter is addicted! The game is however quite inviting to the older generation, especially when I see how much my kid was enjoying her new pet!

    Kinectimals isn't too advance in the form of a Sims game, but you do get to teach your pet several tricks (i believe there is like 10). You teach your pet to do tricks by performing them yourself, and after he/she has learned the trick you can either perform the trick so your kinectimals will mimic you or you can just give voice commands. Also, you have to show your pet love--to do this you will take care of it by petting it, congratulating it, brushing it, playing fetch or with other toys, buying accessories for it, and more! All these actions help build up a type of discovery meter, the more you do with your pet the more the discovery meter builds up and in turn the more of the map/island you discover. The more you discover, the more you unlock!

    There isn't much of an actual storyline, except for the introduction you get on how everything came about and how the previous pet owner (some pirate/captain) left many years ago. Overall, your main objective is to eventually discover the whole island and defeat mini games on the way. You can also, use a magnifying glass to scope out your surroundings in the meantime to look for buried hidden treasures.

    The mini games are creative and fun but a little bit repetitive. They utilize the same games but dress them up differently so they appear different. "Bumble" the guide of the game, a half bee/half mouse looking animal, flies around talking and sometimes I found to be quite annoying. There is a marketplace within furr town which you can purchase items from all the discovery points you receive. The items sold there can be used to decorate the interior of your home, accessorize your pet, etc etc etc.

    My daughter and I are still discovering the island and the game for now, but I will post more as more comes. I believe this is a great game and great buy if you have a child in the age range of 5 - 15. But, if you are just an adult looking for a Kinect game for yourself, you will find yourself bored with the title quicker then a child would be. I only played a few times, and don't care to play to much more except for letting my daughter play.

    *For people who are wondering if you can buy the plush animals and use them over multiple gamertags--well you can! The scan card on the plush animal isn't unique in any way and can be scanned multiple times to any gamertag.

    **For people who have pre-order bonus codes for exclusive animals (i.e. the gamestop exclusive red-n-black tiger), after redeeming the code and downloading the content, the game will not let you choose the red-n-black tiger from the start. You must pick any animal, and after you leave the bonding circle to head towards your home...a pop up message will show up in the top left corner of your screen alerting you of a new friend in furr town. That will be your red-n-black tiger.

    ***For achievement hunters, the achievements on this game are extremely easy to get because this game wasn't made very challenging at all.
  • Reihan M. Salam - Expecting Better is an excellent resource for expectant mothersOur understanding of pregnancy is shaped by a great deal of folk-wisdom that doesn't really withstand scrutiny. Age-old myths continue to shape how women and their families approach an extraordinarily difficult, strenuous part of their lives, and this is a real threat to the well-being of mothers everywhere. Oster cuts through the myths surrounding pregnancy, and she does it in a responsible, rigorous, and smart way. She's not offering easy answers, and she is absolutely not suggesting that pregnant women shouldn't be careful and responsible. Rather, she is offering informed, data-driven advice -- drawing on the best scientific evidence -- about what really matters and what doesn't. I really wish people, including some of the people who've been misrepresenting the contents of her book, would sit down and actually read it. I highly recommend checking out the WSJ's excerpt: