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  • JenCamiTony - 5 Stars for Inglesina 2012 TripI purchased the Inglesina 2012 trip 2 weeks ago and I must say I researched umbrella strollers for the last 4 months since my daughter was able to sit up straight and did not need the bulky travel system. I researched the larger known brands such as Uppababy, Britax and Maclaren. All of which were either missing something and overly priced.
    I discovered the Inglesina through research and reviews of their other stroller models. The 2012 Trip was the stroller that offered all of the options I wanted in an umbrella stroller.
    -reclines! my daughter is able to lay almost completely flat!
    -light weight.. although it weighs more compared to maclaren and uppababy i will carry the extra weight
    -large canopy with extra extend for more coverage
    -cup holder
    -belly bar.. great to hang toys
    -basket is easy to access
    -pocket on back is great for storing things such as phone
    -leg extension is great for those long days where my daughter needs a nap
    -rain cover included!
    -fabric is easy to clean!
    -peek window to see baby will canopy is extended

    Well as of right now I cannot find any cons for this umbrella stroller

    I was only a little confused how to collapse the stroller and how to lower the leg extension but as with any new item takes time to get to know how it works.
    Although others complained that the material felt rough and that the weight.
    I truly think the material is great quality and you can feel the durability in this stroller, it is a real nice ride and I feel it did great on both smooth and rough terrain.

    All together I would say this stroller deserves 5 stars! If you are willing to spend the extra dollar, this sharp stroller is the one to buy. It is not the most popular name but this is true Italian quality!
    Also the Liquirizia color is AWESOME!!
  • Cocobutterflame - works and price is exellentPurchased this for my tablet and it has worked fine since being mounted. overall its perfect for its purpose. satisfied.
  • Dennis Ryan - Worthwhile and fast moving read!It took me a little bit of time to catch onto the storyline but once I got it I found it very difficult to put down. I have not read any sci-fi novels in awhile. This was a very intriguing reintroduction to the genre. You don't need to be a sci-fi geek to enjoy this novel. It is simply a very good story. Take it for a spin, you will enjoy it,Im sure.
  • melindeeloo - No Fangs in Kilts This Time - It's The Sensuous Shifter's Turn To SizzleRenewing family ties with her long lost sister, Caitlyn Whelan discovers there's a whole a hidden world of paranormal beings - and that she is related to a fair number of them including her sister Shanna's children and vamp hubby - when Caitlyn meets the gorgeous vamp members of Shanna's extended Romatech 'family'. But while vamps are great to look at, it is the sultry shifter Carlos Pantera who really gets Caitlyn's heart pumping and throws her libido into overdrive. Unfortunately, the sexy cat is holding out on her and denying their overwhelming attraction because Carlos is on a mission to find a were-mate to help bolster the numbers of his endangered species and he has a whole lot of hidden anguish from the loss of his family and his clan to keep him committed to his quest.

    I absolutely loved Eat Prey Love, it was funny, very steamy and very satisfying. Caitlyn is such an upbeat heroine and I just loved her psycholinguistic talent - she can instantly learn languages she hears spoken. I thought it was great that even though she is being trained for her new job with MacKay Security and Investigations, Caitlyn doesn't suddenly morph into kitt-butt-woman. Instead, Caitlyn stays absolutely hopeless in the fighting department - and there is a humorous running gag throughout the book that goes along with that.

    Carlos is wonderfully tormented by his attraction to the woman he just can't have. It may seem a bit perverse, but I really liked that Caitlyn doesn't give up on the love that she wants and that she turns the thumbscrews on Carlos - flirting and teasing to keep the sensual tension high. This makes the back and forth banter between the pair quite entertaining. I was glad that there was no quick and easy happily ever after for the pair - it was well worth the wait, and oh so satisfying when Caitlyn finally wore Carlos down. I also found it a refreshing a change of pace that Caitlyn knew up front about Carlos' nature, instead of it being the secret the hero just can't figure out how to spill as in many of Sparks' other books.

    In the background, Sparks brings back most of our old favorites from previous books which is always fun, exposes a bit more of Caitlyn's sister Shanna's background - and gives us a reason to hate their father even more. And Sparks also adds to her cast in both the ally and villain departments - however, the series' illusive uber-villain is notably absent in this one.

    So I loved Eat Prey Love, which was my favorite in Spark's series in a while, and found that Carlos was a nice change of pace from Sparks' kilted and fangy heroes. And even though I was lucky enough to be given an advance reading copy of Eat Prey Love - there is no question that I would have purchased this if I hadn't been so lucky and Eat Prey Love would have been worth every penny.