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  • Marian Blue "blue chihuahua" - Quicken: Magic MirrorQuicken is easy if you have the magic mirror to walk through into this world. This "2012 The Official Guide" is the magic mirror that leads into comprehension of this software world. I'm not a trained math person, and the idea of setting up any sort of business/accounting system that would work is akin to believing I can fly if I just flap my arms fast enough. This author uses logic and clear language (leaving the math and software nerd elsewhere) so that the process of using Quicken is accessible by even me (not sure about cave women). In the past, I've hacked my way through Software programs because the books were not hackable; in this case, the book is faster!
  • Mary R. Gow "Redhead2229" - Finally, a shoe he can wear!My husband is a diabetic and even with the best medications he still had trouble wearing most shoes. I had gotten myself a pair of the women's GoWalk shoes and thought that he might be able to wear them if I could find them in men's shoes, so I ordered him a pair. This was one of the smartest things I've done! He said that they are more comfortable than slippers and has been able to wear them everyday. He likes them so much I ordered him another pair in another color. These shoes are wonderful in the men's or women's!
  • shlynn - Works wondersI have been using Aphogee products for a long time now. I know a lot of you out there have some not so good things to say about Aphogee Two-Step Protein so I am going to try to set the record straight.

    1. This is a serious protein treatment for chemical processed, shedding, heat damaged hair.
    2. This product should be used AT LEAST every 6 weeks. I do a treatment every 8-12 weeks, this is NOT a weekly conditioner treatment.
    3. You must follow directions very carefully

    When I use this product, I wash my hair with a Sulfate Free Shampoo, Use the Treatment, then I saturate my hair in Oil, such as Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. Yes, this product drys your hair out, but that is because it is literally building your hair back up. You will need the Oils to replenish the moisture. I then let my hair airdry ONLY. The next wash I will do a hot oil treatment or a deep moisture conditioner and at that time I will flatiron if I decide. I am African American with wavy that can get overprocessed hair and my hair tends to shed a lot, but when I use this treatment the shedding is at the very bare minimal.

    I hope this review help!!!