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  • mark "weeping_guitar" - Animal Farm : The MusicalRoger Waters wrote the Animals material based upon the characters from George Orwell's classic "Animal Farm" that represent the differing human personalities. Bookending the album are the 2 "Pigs on the Wing" which are performed with only acoustic guitars and set a peaceful tone. "Dogs" is the first of the meaty tracks and presents pure aggression. Dogs are shown as the aggressive beast and the music is shaped around hard hitting guitars. "Pigs : Three Different Kinds" brings us the power hungry oinkers. Waters' vocals shine here as he delivers his sarcasm with pure ectasy, conveying the games the piggies play to get power, but we're reminded its just a big sharade. Then comes sheep, representing the followers. More atmospheric music to start the track as the sheep are coaxed into being told what to do. Fablous lyrics and music that perfectly conveys the mood or character of the specific animal is what really makes Animals such a groundbreaking album. It was radically different than its laid-back predessor and was overshadowed by the following album. Nonetheless, it holds up on its own because it is so different. This isn't for the weak of ear and takes repeated listenings to fully grasp the album, but its worth it in the end.
  • Leonardo V. Lopez, MD - Abreva Spray pump dispenserI love Abreva, but am very disappointed with the small spray pump type of dispenser. There is no way to know when you are running low. Early this morning I needed to apply more to my cold sore and found out that it was empty. I had applied a dose last night and unknowingly used it all up. Until I am able to get to the drug store for another dispenser ( which will not be until later today), my healing is on hold. PLEASE bring back the squeeze tube!!!
  • cat K - Life saverThis has already saved my dog and helped me save time finding him as he was on a busy street. It accurately pinpointed his movement and location in real time. I don't know why I took so long to purchase it. I also like the ability to "stop tracking" when I have my pet in the car with me and get alerts.