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  • Momma Teri - Cadillac of strollersWell gees, I have gone and gotten little E the Cadillac of strollers! The Tango puts just about everything we own to shame. I never thought a stroller line could be pack with so much style, modern thought and features beyond your wildest dreams. Zooper really thought of everything a parent could want in a stroller and then seemed to top it off by twos. If my little man only knew he looks like a king on his throne when riding along in this bad boy!

    The Tango was created to fit infants of all ages, starting right from the newborn stage. The seats have the ability to be laid back completely flat and offer what they call an infant safety enclosure that keeps your newborn completely surrounded. I think this is a wonderful feature since in my experience a newborn don't do so well when sitting up right in a stroller. Their heads can fall into the neck and sway even with the support of a headrest. With the Zooper Tango that problem is taken care of and they can be laid down fully safely and then as they grow the headrest is available and attached for use (note this can be removed when you are ready).

    Another positive safety feature on the Tango is the five-point harness. This is probably our biggest must have when it comes to products for my baby. He is at that age where he loves to stand and get out of things at will. The five-point safety harness keep my guy from being an escape artist and me from working. This one is also very simple to use. It has the little snap in clips. So I can one handedly push them in and get him out quickly.

    A few more mentionable features are the adjustable leg rest, big utility basket and cup holder. We use the leg rest in down mode most of the time. I will put it up if he is napping to keep his legs and feet upright. The utility basket is larger than any other stroller we have ever had. I can put my baby bag, purse and toys in it; then still have room for a few small shopping bags along the way.

    The multi-purpose canopy is the coolest things about the Tango. It can be fully opened and positioned anywhere all the way to the arm rest. In the fully closed to arm rest position, there is no view-ability of baby except for the feet. This is great when they are sleeping or for privacy in large group areas. The bottom portion of the canopy can be unzipped and there is a see through, clear plastic opening for you to look in at your little one or them to see out. The top portion of the canopy can be unzipped to reveal a mess screen which is great for allowing fresh air in when without letting all the light in.

    The Zooper Tango is made of tough yet light aluminum stroller frames, which simultaneously takes care of portability and safety. This allows me to still carry one-handed and left into our SUV without stressing my arms or back. Did I mention that it fold up beautifully? Of course it is the long storage that some may not like but I find that it works great if you place on its side in a larger vehicle. It also sets nicely upright in a van or 3 row suv with limited trunk space.

    There are so many reasons to love the Zooper line of strollers including the Tango. Their features are above and beyond many products on the market today.
  • John J. Baeza - A must read!In his new book, Rise of the Warrior Cop, author Radley Balko provides a detailed history of our decline into a police state.

    He works his way through this history in a sound way describing police raid upon police raid gone terribly wrong, resulting in a useless loss of life. He discusses police agencies that serve populations of only 1,000 people but receive federal funding for military-type weapons and tank-style vehicles. We have also seen a total disregard for "The Castle Doctrine" which has been held dear by our citizens since the colonial days. The "Castle Doctrine" is the idea that a man's home is his castle and a warrant signed by a judge is necessary to enter and search the "castle." Balko cogently explains the reason for all of this: The war on drugs and the war on terror are really wars on our own people.

    A profession that I was once proud to serve in has become a militarized police state. Officers are quicker to draw their guns and use their tanks than to communicate with people to diffuse a situation. They love to use their toys and when they do, people die.

    The days of the peace officer are long gone, replaced by the militarized police warrior wearing uniforms making them indistinguishable from military personnel. Once something is defined as a "war" everyone becomes a "warrior." Balko offers solutions ranging from ending the war on drugs, to halting mission creep so agencies such as the Department of Education and the FDA don't have their own SWAT teams, to enacting transparency requirements so that all raids are reported and statistics kept, to community policing, and finally to one of the toughest solutions: changing police culture.

    Police culture has gone from knocking on someone's door to ask him to come to the station house, to knocking on a door to drag him to the station house, to a full SWAT raid on a home.

    Two quotes from the HBO television series "The Wire" apply quite appropriately to this situation:

    "This drug thing, this ain't police work. Soldiering and police, they ain't the same thing."

    "You call something a war and pretty soon everyone's gonna' be running around acting like warriors. They're gonna' be running around on a damn crusade, storming corners, slapping on cuffs and racking up body counts. And when you're at war you need an enemy. And pretty soon damn near everybody on every corner's your enemy. And soon the neighborhood you're supposed to be policing, that's just occupied territory."

    Detective John J. Baeza, NYPD (ret.)
    Manhattan Special Victims Squad
    Manhattan North Narcotics
    32nd Precinct, Harlem
  • My Pen Name - Out of all the products I purchased for my first child, I regret this purchase the LEASTExcellent product. I also have a standard high-chair that is now collecting dust after purchasing this product. I keep this high chair attached to my dinner table at all times. For some reason, my child is much more happy sitting in this chair because IMO he feels as if he is sitting 'with us' at the dinner table.

    I also take this chair with me when I go to cramped restaurants. Very versatile.

    Buy this chair, you won't regret it.
  • Frederick Jimenez "Frederick" - Great for herbs and small plants, fantastic for seedlingsI have two AeroGardens they were given to me by someone who had no success with it. I also found it to work poorly if you try to grow large plants, it works fantastic for growing herbs and small plants like Snap Dragons and Shasta Daisy's.The best use I have found though is in sprouting seedlings, I have sprouted all kinds of seeds and what's great is the ease of planting them once you have sprouted them. You can transfer the whole plastic holder and grow medium or you can transfer just the grow medium and seedling alone. It is wonderful in setting up flowers exactly the way you want to design them or vegetables exactly where you want them. The plastic holders and growing medium are cheap so you can just position them in the ground or a pot exactly the way you want them and leave them.
    I see a lot of complaints about the pumps making noise, the pumps can be taken apart and cleaned. I got my AeroGarden used and did have one bad pump but it was cheap to replace and runs silent now. I also filled my garden with bottled spring water not tap so that might make a big difference. The gardens I got were in bad shape when I got them so I took them all apart and cleaned everything, contacts and all, I find it to be a well designed wonderful compact unit that does a fantastic job at growing small plants and starting seedlings