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  • Rachel Luis y Prado - Inspiring and evidence-basedI highly recommend this book to both male and female executives, supervisors, and aspiring executives. It raises awarness of cultural tendencies that can potentially hold women back, it inspires you to not settle with being the "woman behind the man," and it makes you test your assumptions when interacting with others (regardless of whether you are male or female). It is sufficiently rooted in data to ground it in reality with an abundance of stories that make the messages sticky.
  • T. DeLozier - So far so goodQuick delivery. the pills are large but go down easy. no weird smells or aftertaste! I like that I do not have to take a seperate prenatal vitamin. I will use these daily until our IUI scheduled in December. Keeping fingers crossed that this product will enhance my mucous and ovulation so we only have to do procedure one time. My doctor does not want us doing Clomid yet so after lots of research I purchased these. My husband is happy since he prefers I do as much natural as possible as I have had side effects form various prescriptions I have taken daily for about a month and it seems like mucous is improved. I suggest you get the book " A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control" by Margaret Nofziger. She goes into great detail about charting your temps, and checking mucous etc...
    Good luck to all those TTC!!
  • Caitlin Martin "addicted to words" - Simply, quietly, brilliant and canny ...Mantel writes beautiful prose and has a deeply held perspective on history. After a zillion books about Anne Boleyn and her fair, but lost head, Mantel's telling of this story is rich and compelling. Seen through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell, the Tudor court is both glittering and rotting. As Henry's top advisor it is up to Cromwell to re-write the past, to punish transgressors to Henry's vision, and to remove any obstacle to Henry's desire for a son.

    Henry is an after-thought here. He's the Wizard of Ozian character, back behind the curtain, pulling the levers and setting the task. The stars here are Anne and Cromwell as they pursue a fever-pitched battle for survival. If you know only the bare bones of this history, you know who won (and no, it was neither Anne nor Cromwell).

    Mantel's writing is impeccable, her plot and timing spot-on, her imagery vivid. This is not your average historical fiction, but rather a deep dive into the history of the Tudor court in all its tarnished beauty. A must read.
  • Meredith - Amazing holiday cookbook!I’m a long-time reader of Ree’s blog Pioneer Woman and absolutely loved her first cookbook. (The second cookbook was good, but I felt there were a lot of recipes she repeated from her blog.) Once I read she was working on a holiday cookbook I was very excited to see what she’d do since some of her blog recipes are major holiday staples in my house.

    Needless to say the book is fantastic. She includes tons of recipes and represents all the holidays, from New Years Day to New Years Eve. For some holidays (ie. Valentine’s Day) she includes larger family-style meals, as well as a smaller dinner for two people.

    In keeping with her other cookbooks, the food looks amazing because Ree includes bright, beautiful photos. The book also has step-by-step instructions (with photos for each step), and recommendations at the end of the recipe if you want to change up the ingredients. She even includes multiple versions of basic recipes if you’re interested in trying something new.

    I love that she includes “Do-Ahead” lists, detailing what foods you can prepare or cook in advance for big meals like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Superbowl parties. She also includes recipes made from Thanksgiving leftovers.

    This is truly a perfect holiday cookbook and I can’t wait to start trying out the recipes.
  • R. OSullivan - Easy Install, Great Internet Security and Does Not Slow The Computer DownI loaded this on our Velocity Micro gaming computer that runs on Windows 7. I guess others have had problems loading, but this program loaded without a hitch. No frustration getting it to work at all. Notably, I have been VERY frustrated loading other brands on another computer of mine. The software does not slow down the system at all, and it checks downloads quickly and is effective at scanning downloads for actual and possible threats. It gives me a very clear message as to whether there is a virus or potential virus and gives a red, yellow or green safety ratng that is very easy for my son to understand. The computer is being used mostly for gaming and so we download alot from the internet and so far so good - McAfee has successfully kept our computer free of viruses. At the same time, the computer runs efficiently and is not being slowed down by the security program at all. McAfee has a great reputation and this lives up to that reputation in my opinion and compares favorably to experiences I have had with Kapersky (which I couldn't get to load on one of my computers) and Bit Defender (which somehow didn't keep one of my computers from getting infected with a virus). I highly recommend McAfee internet security.