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  • lhorigan - Good bag, limited flawsRead a lot about these bags before i bit the bullet. I have been using an REI backpack for many many years, great product, very durable, limited bells and whistles. MY MOST critical feature for this bag was that it would fit a mooonstter laptop. 17" beast dell precision m6400. Basically a 14 lb brick. Otherwise i would be using my rei bag still. Right so onto the bag. Agree with everyone else, the padding in the laptop compartment sucks. just not really that great. It would be better if there was more padding on the bottom, but you could always just put the pc in the main compartment. This doesn't bother me too much, because my company backs up my laptop with dell's "we'll literally send a guy on a bike to fix your pc if that's what it takes" service plan. Other thoughts include limited padding in the strap, which isnt a huge one unless your toting a 14lb laptop around.... You can apparently buy a thicker better one, but thats money ontop of a pricey bag. My only other beef would be that the zipper pulls on the outside underneath the flap have cord locked in place with shrink wrap on them. They are fine, but their proximity to the velcro that holds the flap down makes them get stuck on that portion and get all frayed. Not a deal breaker.

    Final thoughts: good bag, lots of storage, seems really water resistant, stylish, fits the laptop nearly no other bag would, seems like it will last a lifetime, adjustable strap for easy release, pretty good value.

    Bought on ebags, to get color and size... killed me I love my prime!
  • edd3800 "Ed" - UNBELIEVABLEI bought this book for my 27 year old son. He has suffered with ulcerative colitis for 6 years. The last 4 years have been very bad. Bed ridden a few times a year. Heavy doses of drugs just to get it under control. Doctors where not much help at all. He was just miserable.
    He's been on the diet for almost 3 months. The first couple of weeks were very hard for him. He wanted to quit, I Talked him into giving it a month. He called me a few weeks ago and said ` Dad
    this is the first time in 4 years I've felt normal. I love this diet'.
    He's off the drugs and happy. The diet has made such a difference in his life, I wanted to share that with anyone having similar problems.
    Just wanted to update this review. It is now Nov. 2009. My son has is off the diet, after figuring out which foods were causing his Ulcertative Colitis. He hasn't had one flare up, nothing. If you are thinking about getting this book, don't wait. It really works.
  • Bhavin Degadwala - bought it for my parents...I bought the internet security for my parents. They are in India and they had some problems with virus. their computer was slow so i bought the new laptop and i wanted it to be secure and I knew that i can trust norton for that. Also it has three installation allowed so I also put it in my lapty. its working nice and my parents are happy that now with a single click they can be sue that there is no virus in their laptop...

    happy with the product...
  • Patrick L. Boyle "Mr. Wonderful" - Really excellentThis book could serve as a guide for how to write a popular science book. It has references which serve to assure the reader that the author didn't just make it all up. But it isn't burdened with too much stuffy scholarship. It is filled with anecdotes which because of the subject matter can be pretty icky. It short it is an authoritative but approachable book.
  • Scott Bogart "author of Enlightened Dating fo... - Great essential bookI found Neil's book to be thoroughly entertaining, while at the same time instructive. The great thing about it is that it reveals so much about human nature, especially how people behave in "herds." So much about being successful with women is having a good handle on the basics. Just as one has to master high school before they are ready for college, it's difficult to move into "dating enlightenment" without interaction basics. This book doesn't tell the whole story, but no one book can. But if you want to understand women, this book should be in your library and as well as in your consciousness. See also Enlightened Dating for Men