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  • Danny N. Masincupp - NORTON - There is NO other - IF YOU USE SOMETHING OTHER THAN NORTON , what in the world are you thinking!I've been using Norton from the first time I ever turn on a computer , Norton is the only Security Program I fully trust , todays scammers and hackers are more sophisticate than ever and Norton realizes that , Norton incorporates different layers of protection to protect you from these dangers .. I work from home and I have five computers running 24/7 , constantly connecting to other computers from other countries .. I can keep business as usual , with Norton I can keep looking ahead for I don't have to worry about prying eyes over my shoulders or what is sneaking up behind me (*ONLY NORTON FOR ME*) - If you don't have NORTON SECURITY OR NORTONS FIREWALL - - YOUR SCREWED:
  • Dorothy A. - Works great!!I had some annoying skin tags on my neck and shoulder. This stuff is a miracle drug I was waiting for it took them right off!! So happy because I felt embarrassed by them!! Loved it!
  • squiggee - Worked FIRST month!!!Product arrived within 5 days. I used this product with Fertili Tea and Pre-Seed. I have irregular cycles and a short luteal phase (8-10 days). Very late ovulation (ovulated on CD 26). We were ttc our first child for 6 months with no luck. Though it didn't regulate my cycle the very first month, it gave me my BFP!!!! I ordered a 2nd bottle but before I was even able to finish my first bottle, I had a smiley face on my HPT. Baby dust to you all.

    God bless...
  • John A. Sarkett "Author, several titles" - Poignant, funny -- looking back on 65 years, and looking ahead into the abyssFears of aging, fears of dying, fears of being useless -- all the natural stuff of a 65-year-old, contemplating his mortality, and Billy Crystal doesn't shrink back from any of it.

    The reminiscences are fun, with some inside Hollywood.

    My favorite story in the book is when the author was young, opening for Sammy Davis Jr.

    "Opening night I did a strong set and Sammy followed me out on stage and told the audience a great story of how I had visited him in the hospital and helped him get well. The audience gave me a huge round of applause.

    "Wonderful story except it had never happened. Next show, a different story with the same theme: Billy is a great guy and we're the best of friends. I went to the soundman, who had tears in his eyes. "Nice thing you did for Sam," he said, and after humbly thanking him, I asked him to tape Sammy's openings for me. I have 25 stories that Sammy told, none are the same, and all are about all the wonderful things we did together, which we never actually did. It was fantastic. I didn't mind at all; in fact, I looked forward to it every night because he just kept making me look better and better. It was show business to Sammy -- that's it, and that's all."