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  • AdoboSports - Norton has never failed me since 2002!!!I've been a happy Norton software buyer since 2002. It has never failed me. No Internet Security software is perfect but if you set your OS permissions right and have common sense the size of a mustard seed, they should bee enough to prevent the most common viruses, spam, spywares & malwares. Nothing or no one in this world is capable of doing everything you want for you. Everything is a compromise. To those people who complain about how it wasn't made right or it's worse than last year or whatever...NOBODY FORCED YOU TO BUY IT. Why don't you design & make one for yourselves...maybe this way you'll be able to please yourselves.

    Again...thank you Amazon for making things more affordable for the rest of us!
  • H. Minkoff "the Grape on ebay" - this one worked for meI came back from Mexico with a compromised digestive system. My doctor prescribed one other pro-biotic which I took for a month - no change. She then suggested I get Align. This one seemed to do the trick. I still take it occasionally to keep my flora healthy. I like the Amazon price especially with the subscription pricing. I can adjust when they ship me my next box. Win-win for me and my you know what.
  • 2112movingpictures - RUSH!!! live in ClevelandI have seen many live videos before, but none of them have been like this! What a show the Canadian power trio puts on. This video has the amazing audience of Rush in Rio, and the quality of R30 and Snakes and Arrows Live. It all starts out with the humorous intro during the tour that reviews the history of a Canadian band named Rash. Then exploding on the stage with The Spirit of Radio the band and crowd are in perfect sync. Second is Time Stand Still which is what you what time to do while watching this DVD. The first set continues with songs old and new including old favorite Freewill and with drum fills that may even top Tom Sawyer the new BU2B. The second set includes all of Moving Pictures, Caravan, a Neil Peart drum solo, Closer to the Heart, 2112, and Far Cry. For the encore they play La Villa Strangiato and Working Man (My favorite version of it so far.) So as you can see if you are a huge fan of Rush or have just heard some of their songs on the radio this is a good investment of 3 hours and $20.
  • Shelly - A Yearly Purchase Looked Forward to in our HouseMy husband is a photographer greatly influenced by Ansel Adams. Every year he receives the current Ansel Adams calendar. This began with his mother years before I met him and I have continued the tradition since he absolutely appreciates it and has each calendar saved from the last couple decades.
  • M Williams - As good as alwaysI bought this year's Guinness Book of Records as a gift for my family. There seems to be a lot of new records and there really is something for everyone. The sections are well laid out and the great pictures certainly help to make kids interested. I highly recommend this as a great present for the family.