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  • Cupcakin - This is the perfect holiday decoration!I love this!

    The antlers and nose look adorable on my car. They seem to hold up really well in the rain, and they have no issues staying in place up to 70 MPH. My windows are able to close completely with them installed. I just wired the nose up to my car's front grill.

    I would highly recommend this as an inexpensive way to get in the holiday spirit.
  • PSM/Bokor - this album is art at its bestI'm amazed that this album has actually received bad reviews.Has our culture become so banal that Spears/Jackson pop music is the base line? This is art folks. If you have any self awareness, this album will affect you. Damn it, it should make you, at the very least, teary eyed.I admit that I blur the album and the film into one experience. The whole project is amazing - that includes the live DVD performance in Berlin.War, insanity, drug use, fame, authority figures who don't give a damn, (that includes your precious, little mommy), self-absorption, and the desperate need for longing - come on folks, you got to be kidding when you trash this album. How can one not feel when Pink calls home and his wife's lover answers the damn phone? Then again, maybe you've never been completely betrayed during a moment of adulterated innocence and weakness.Sure, I have every Pink Floyd album and then some. The Wall isn't the typical psychadelic, experimental mastery that one might typically equate with this band. But, the apparent simplicity is the genius.This is Pink Floyd. This is a masterpiece.Centuries from now adolescents, and adults who can empathize with that angst of just being, will embrace this album.Buy it...
  • SillyMoose - Picky installation systemI would like to give it 5 stars for ease of use, logical placement of all commands and easy layout. It worked beautifully on my daughters laptop, but would not install on my bigger, better faster computer, telling me that I do not have enough memory, when I have tons, more than 100 times than needed. Company's website and call in help were useless.