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  • M. Moseman - Really Solid BagA few years ago I switched from a single shoulder strap briefcase (think Tumi briefcase) to a backpack for a few reasons:

    1. I ride a motorcycle or bicycle to work sometimes and the briefcase didn't work at all for that.
    2. I do a lot of travel and I found that trying to handle a shoulder bag an another suitcase or two the bag would slide off my shoulder all the time. It was especially annoying in Tokyo trying to feed tickets to ride the trains.
    3. When I travel the bag was really heavy with a computer, books, notebooks, papers, samples, etc and a backpack was much more comfortable for distributing the load on sometimes long walks through airports for connecting flights.

    I didn't like the way the backpack looked particularly but it was convenient enough that I didn't care that much.

    This bag takes the advantages of the backpack and adds a few more for me.

    1. The ability to go through security (at least domestically) without pulling out the PC is handy.
    2. It seems more waterproof, but I haven't fully tested it.
    3. It looks much better - it is a really nice looking bag in person.
    4. It's a little bit of a change of pace from the usual briefcases or backpacks I see all the time here.
    5. Still works similar to the backback for distributing the load and working on a bike or motorcycle.
    6. It fit perfectly over the pull out handle on my carry on suitcase so I didn't have to carry it around the airport most of the time.
    7. The metal hook straps may be a little more secure from someone trying to get in to the bag - it would be more obvious than someone trying to get in to a different type of bag.

    Some of the things that are neutral or not as nice:

    1. The space for the computer is smaller than I have in my backpack. It isn't an issue because my Dell Latitude E6400 still fits fine, but the battery sticking out the back makes it a tighter fit than the backpack.
    2. The protection for the computer is a little worse. Not a big deal for me since I don't throw my bags around anyway, but some people may be worried about it.
    3. The metal straps require fiddling with and adjusting almost every time I use them. Not a big deal again, but it is a little more involved strapping the flap down than just zipping the backpack.

    Overall I really like the bag and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for my use. I would recommend this bag!
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