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  • S. David "Sassinator&Hummingbird" - Not looking forward to paying a CPA Accountant $700 to $2500 for your simple corporate tax return?I've handled 7-figure payrolls and prepared tax returns for self-employed-sole-proprietorships and some small corporations.
    When i'm in the office, i have access to high-priced software systems that help make tax returns a breeze.
    When i'm NOT in the office and just helping friends pro-bono get their returns done i use Turbo Tax. ( paper&pencil is ok too but this is faster).
    A decade ago, the software was awkward to use and i once bumbled through it and was $13,000 off in tax calculations, i felt as if the data entry process did not have a smooth flow-through.
    But now it seems that Turbo Tax has made great improvements in streamlining their flow-through of data entry questions that the S-corporation i just used it for came out perfectly like a pro.
    If your business is on a smaller budget and you don't want to spend 700-2500 for a paid preparer, i recommend this - as long as someone knows what they are doing at a basic level with preparing biz tax returns or else balancing the financial statements will drive you nuts.
    i will be using this again next year.
  • Lisa - It works for meAfter trying multiple acne skincare lines such as proactive, drugstore brands, etc. I never found any that worked, they either dryed my face out, irritated my skin, or just didn't work. After searching online one day, I found Exposed, and I can honestly say it's the best skincare line I've found yet. I would for sure rate any Exposed product 5 out of 5 stars. If I get a huge zit, the Exposed dries it up in such quick time. It always gives my skin amazing results and I would definetly recommend it to anyone thats struggling with acne.
  • Timothy Schreier - While not the paradigm shift it's predecessor were, it's still very good.I can understand how people are frustrated with game for numerous reasons, but I find there is a lot more good than bad in Diablo 3.

    I played Diablo 1 and 2 to death, and those games were revolutionary. Diablo 3 is just a streamlining, distillation of what makes Diablo fun... and guess what? That makes for a really fun game.

    The action is faster paced than D2 could ever be. And the skill system may not be as complicated as D2, but you have everything available to you all the time. If the game gets monotonous, you can try out different combinations and change the way your character plays. I'm playing a witch doctor and focused on exploding zombie dogs my first playthrough, my second is focusing on slow and poison.

    I'll admit it doesn't feel as atmospheric nor does it have the same sense of foreboding in the voice over, but those qualities are ultimately lost on the player anyway once they get into the thick of the action.

    I don't think this genre of game is for everyone. But for people who have enjoyed games like Diablo and Torchlight in the past, if you just play the game and have fun with what D3 actually does better than the previous games (the crazy fast pace) I promise you'll have a great time.