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  • Maggie - The Artist's Way - A Solid Gound Reality CheckDue to chronic serious illness I was faced with a complete lifestyle change and just by chance I got a copy of this book out of my local library. I liked it so much that I bought my mother, sister and myself a copy and have sent it forth on new ground.The outcome of this book for me? Well I don't mind telling you it was like a lump of wood around the back of my head, sure knocked some sense into me. I have always been artistic but never used these skills much. Here was this rocket that got me up and on track commencing a renewed enthusiasm for life and what I can do with it. I was wonderful to have someone put into words some of those nebulous understandings that I'd always had, it made things concrete and challeneged me to act on it. Whether you're an artist or think you're not there is nobody I can imagine who could not benefit in some way from reading this book. The basic thoughts are an inspiration and a reality check to our subtle self undermining habits we develop. I have undertaken to do the 12 step programme which has resulted in much artistic work and sales of the same. I am currently moving to new ground writing and illustrating a children's book. Others who have read The Artist's Way, though not undertaking the programme, have seen their actions and outlook in a whole new light and moved forward to better things.
    Much praise for Julia Cameron in the way she has coherently put together a plan for advancement in thought and action. Little pearls of wisdom from the ages scattered throughout the book help us to realise that life's challenges are universal and not restricted to this era only.
  • Roy - The best of the best for the MTSaunders Pharmaceutical Word Book is the very best of resources for the medical transcriptionist.

    I would highly recommend it as a resource for any medical professional that has to know how to spell and compare numerous medications.
  • STICKERDUDE - ABOUT TIMEAmazingly enough, it has been since 2003 since I upgraded and the learning curve was exceptionally mild...nothing like I was anticipating. Most everything was familiar and easy to locate but with numerous improvements visually and functionally. I feel like I finally stepped up to the 21st Century now with improved icons, additional fields and simple access to apps and services.