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  • Baby Momma - Just what I was looking for!I wanted a simple, light weight, ergonomically constructed stroller in a gender neutral color (in case we have a girl one day). Oh yeah, and affordable. This was perfect. Got it in the mela green color. It worked out for our airport trip. Totally collapsible with one hand, baby in the other. What really sets this one apart from the others is the pull down shield on the umbrella. Keeps his skin in a little more shade. we have this stroller and a jogging stroller and that's all we far.
  • Joan D - Love ItThis is my first tablet and I love it. Easy to learn, easy to use, and fun to have. Great purchase!
  • Regina Campbell "rex's mommy" - Safety firstThis carseat is the safest thing I could ever consider putting my child in. That being said, my kid (2 months) screams and cries each and every second he's in the carseat. I think it's because he's so snug inside of it, but "mommy knows best" and I realize now that I bought the best carseat for the safety of my baby. It's no lightweight, but neither is any other seat out there. It fits perfectly into our Uppababy Vista stroller (with a purchased adapter). I love the gender neutral colors (black/grey) and I plan to use it with our next baby.
  • Saluta - High road to self preservation or the challenge of sharing your heart?Crossroads brought us two new characters intertwined in the lives of characters that have previously appeared in Radclyffe's medical stories. Hollis and Annie share a painful past that creates a challenge when they meet again after being assigned to work together to determine how their professions can collaborate. I always think it is fascinating how Radclyffe brings in her own medical exposure and knowledge to her stories- giving the readers the intense experience of being in an operating room, dealing with a medical crisis, and the weight of responsibility that lies so heavily on the medical professionals and she did not disappoint with Crossroads in this area. Her wonderful writing doesn't only bring us into the hospital it brings us into the hearts of both Hollis and Annie as they learn to trust themselves in order to trust the love between them. In addition to having a wonderful love story, I think I liked best the hobby of cycling being brought into the story as a way to connect new characters with old, find an outlet for stress, and create a bonding experience between generations. Being an active cyclist, it made the characters that much more personable and allowed me to get sucked into the story that much further. Overall, Crossroads is another great read by Radclyffe that I would not hesitate to recommend.
  • Bruce T. Smith - Guitar Lovers Must HaveWe have the dvd's from the prior Crossroads Guitar Festivals. Crossroads is Eric Clapton's fund raiser for the substance abuse recovery facility he established in Antigua to help others recover from chemical addiction as he did. The concept is simple -- Eric invites a large group of guitarists from virtually every style of music. The musicians come and play in a concert that, this year, ran from 7 to approximately 11, Friday & Saturday evenings at Madison Square Garden in New York City. We were only able to get tickets for Saturday's concert and were anxious for the Blu-ray/dvd to sample the Friday night concert. For anyone who likes guitar played by the very best artists, Crossroads provides a unique opportunity to hear icons play live. The concert was expensive, our tickets were $400 each for the evening, but the chance to hear all the artists in one evening in 4-1/2 of continuous performance made the price a true value. The concert happens approximately every three years and based on our experience, if there is another Crossroads, we want to attend both nights.
    The Blu-ray will not provide every minute of both nights. I wish it would. But we did attend the one night movie theater performance and found that the editors caught the very best performances from Saturday night. I'm sure the same was true from Friday. While the Blu-ray can't be as good as being there, it is the next best thing. Check out the list of performers. We have found that Crossroads has opened our appreciation of music and artists from styles of music that we had previously ignored. As a music lover, I can say that this should be on your shelf -- in fact, you really ought to buy the Blu-rays/dvd's from the prior concerts to have a complete collection. I pre-ordered this as soon as it became available and can't wait to receive it.
    Don't miss this. Plus, proceeds from this help support Crossroads in the fight against chemical addiction.