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  • Fab Jen - Just what the doctor ordered or in this case the nurse!I was super nervous as I had never ordered a code this way. The prodcut was just as described. I had no problem signing up for MyMathLab. However this is the worse way to learn statistics! Mymathlab had just homework thats pretty much it. you see videos, shows you sci. cal. examples., gives homework and a test after every chapter. When I do take my unit test i feel more confident than I did with MyMathLab (sorry but its true).
  • Amy C. Desilva "Village NP" - Must have!I recently returned from a week in Guatemala. We had a very basic health clinic set up. This book was invaluable for may things- rehydration solution, drug doses, all in an easy to use format. Although I'm an NP, this basic guide was a blessing for village medicine.
  • Patricia A Sanders - Cross My HeartOmg!!! I have been an avid James Patterson fan for years and absolutely love everything he writes.

    This Alex Cross book is awesome and I see myself feeling his happiness in finding the killer also his pain and remorse in the loss of his family and hope and faith that they are still alive while getting his lost daughter off the streets. I would, will, and have recommended this book already.

    I can't wait to see what follows..
  • S. TKACS - Unleash Your Inner LycanthropeThey say the clothes make the man, but in this case they make the man into a beast! When I arrived home to find the package at my front door, of course the first thing I did was get the big scissors from the kitchen and cut the sleeves off. Now it's a non-stop gun show. No background check required, ladies. The silver glow of the stars matches the chain that attaches my wallet to my belt, which is a nice touch. The material maintains the smell of my Axe body spray for days, too, which is good because washing it might fade the richly detailed design that must make even the great Boris Valejo feel like a monkey with finger paints.

    I disagree with the other reviews. This shirt has just the right number of wolves, because everybody knows wolves hunt in threes. So when my two best friends and I head to the lanes to meet some honeys, they know what's up. It's time to howl!
  • BIGGSTR - An Excellent Camera for WalkaboutsThe axiom that is so true: The best camera for you is the camera that is with you! Grew tired of backaches while hiking with my Nikon DSLR gear, which increasingly never left the house. Bought an Olympus XZ-1 as a camera that could always be with me ... and was so impressed with it that I wanted its "big brother" for better image quality when on walkabouts or hiking. The Olympus P-3 seemed a bit too much; the PM-1 seemed a bit too little; the PL-3 seemed just right (especially with the tilting screen). The form factor and menu navigation features of the XZ-1 and PL-3 are very similar. The XZ-1 is pocketable; the PL-3 is not due to the protruding lenses. Getting some of the best photos of my life with both the XZ-1 and the PL-3 ... because they are with me.

    There is another side to this, and that is that people often appear uncomfortable around people taking photos with large DSLRs with large protruding lenses. I feel none of this discomfort using either the XZ-1 or the PL-3 in public places.

    Exploring capabilities with the Olympus 14-42mm kit lens and the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens (have the new Panasonic "X" lenses and the Olympus 45mm lens on order). The Panasonic 20mm is incredible small, making the PL-3 feel and operate like a small rangefinder camera. The f/1.7 lens allows one to take natural light photos in places impossible with slower lenses. The Olympus 14-42mm kit lens appears to be of high quality, although it does have a plastic lens mount (please manufacturers ... charge us the extra cost and ban plastic lens mounts!). The SLRgear website is an excellent place to compare lens quality with its graphs and metrics, and the Olympus kit lens fairs better than comparable lenses with metal mounts with respect to center and edge sharpness across the zoom spectrum.

    On the downside, the PL-3 menu structure is difficult to navigate. One must do considerable research to become familiar with the options. Also, the LCD screen is excellent in all but bright sunlight. An Electronic Viewfinder (VF-2 or VF-3) is a necessity to do more than guess what you are photographing in bright sunlight. The add-on flash in the PL-3 kit is so small that it is only good for fill in or firing a larger flash such as the Olympus FL-36R via the RC flash capability. Wish that Olympus had something similar to the excellent Nikon SB-400 mini-flash for the Pen-series cameras. Finding it difficult to get the almost perfect bounce flash effect that the SB-400 provided in the FL-36R/add-on camera flash combination.

    The movie quality in the PL-3 is excellent compared to my Nikon D5000 (in my experience "live view" in DSLRs tend to be a joke). The tilting LCD screen is proving especially handy for movies. As others have commented, the new Pen-series auto focus for movies tends to hunt but in my experience this happens only when when the subject is moving quickly or I fail to keep the camera steady (cameras belong on fluid-head tripods to take quality movies).

    I've been a photo enthusiast since 1973 when one needed a SLR or medium-format camera to get acceptable image quality for 8x10 and 11x14 prints. I've followed and experienced the technology from film through the DSLRs to, now, the new ILCs. I'm amazed at the quality one can get from something the size of the PL-3!