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  • B. Hayes - Security UtilityI have had Kaspersky on my computer for about two weeks and it has worked flawlessly, so far. It is a replacement for Norton Internet Security, which, after an automatic update a few months ago, started blocking 90% of my incoming emails on my Windows 7 computer, but allowed them thru on my older operating system. When I contacted Norton, they said Windows Live Mail was not supported and suggested some things to try for a fix. None worked. I disabled their firewall and used Windows firewall instead, which allowed my email through. After reviewing the available utilities, I purchased Kaspersky from Amazon and I am pleased with the results at this point. It is far more user friendly than the other in it's setup. Only time will tell if it does what it is intended to do. When uninstalling Norton, it asks if you want to save information for future installs. If you answer yes, Kaspersky picks up the safe senders list, which saves a lot of time. I did keep Nortons free Safe Search.
  • Staci M - A Must read for everyone with Colitis, Crohns and IBSWhen I was told about this book I was very skeptical but after being deathly ill for three months and going to the doctor many times only to be told they either don't know whats wrong with me or they think my symptoms are all in my head I certainly had nothing to lose.
    Its been a week since this wonderful book arrived and its been a week since I've had a flare up.
    Changing my diet has done more for my condition than all the pain killers the doctors pushed in my face.
    I'm still somewhat weak but I don't wake up 10 times a night to go to the bathroom anymore, My cramps are mostly gone. I no longer see blood when I go to the bathroom.
    my BM's are normal again.
    The recipes in this book are easy to follow and the diet is still somewhat normal tasting.
    I was so happy to find out I could use garlic,onions and butter.
    I miss red wine ,but someday I know I'll be healthy enough to drink dry white wine.
    I do wish there was some sort of calorie count with these recipes and an actual list of white wine brands I can drink later on, but those are minor complaints in comparison to being able to stay awake and leave my house again.
    This book has become one the most important books in my life.
  • Peter Perez - Everything I wanted in next gen!My ps4 arrived in great working condition. I swapped out the 500gb HDD with a seagate 1tb sshd for the boost in capacity and speed, and I'm happy with the result.

    My biggest reason for purchasing the ps4 was the remote play function used with the handheld ps vita. Games on the ps4 can be streamed over wifi to the vita, freeing up the tv for other viewers. This was perfect for my married life. My wife can watch her favorite shows(which I have zero interest in) while I pillage and plunder the Caribbean seas in AC4 (Aarrrrggh, matey!!!), all without having to retreat to a man-cave! It works with very few hiccups and very beautiful graphics! I was even able to successfully use remote play on LTE over 80 miles from home! Greatness!

    If you find yourself lacking the time to be able to play console games on your TV in your adult life, the ps4 (coupled with the ps vita) can reunite you with the joys of console quality gaming!
  • TerriW - Love at first sight for baby!My 3 month old daughter received this from my mom for Christmas. We put her on it for the first time tonight and she loves it! The songs are each unique from each other and my baby was kicking the piano keys within 10 seconds! I like that it can change with her as she grows. She can use it for tummy time and later for playing the piano. Plus, it's cute!
  • piginspandex "Kristina" - Fantastic Product, Even Better Customer Service!So...I had written a review a few months ago complaining that the stroller was amazing while it lasted but that it gave out after a few months. I finally got around to calling Uppababy and I could not be more impressed or amazed at their customer service. For one thing, somebody picked up IMMEDIATELY (how great to talk to a human and not have to go through a maze of "Press 1 for blah, Press 4 for blah") and the lady, Julie, was incredibly helpful. It turns out mine had been from a small batch of strollers that had a defective latch and that, since I had been stupid and forgotten to register it, they weren't able to inform me of it. They are sending me a brand new stroller (without a defective latch this time!), and I couldn't be more delighted because when I had it and it worked it was the lightest, easiest, most maneuverable stroller I have ever owned, and I was crushed when it broke.

    So bottom line, don't even think about trying to save a few bucks. Not only is this the best stroller I've ever used but the customer service is unbeatable. Worth every penny.