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  • P. McCoy "Friend of Bill W. and Dr. Bob" - Finally Able to Install This SoftwareI've been using Quicken software for several years, through all kinds of different "permutations". Generally, I like the way the software operates. What I don't like is having to figure out the new layout after I've gotten used to the previous version(s). Quicken has always been an excellent way for me to monitor my finances.

    I'll probably update this review, later, as I continue to familiarize myself with the updated software.
  • Maggie W. - Acne Begone: Exposed worked for me!First, a little background: I only had issues with acne/pimples once I became pregnant. So much for that pregnant woman "glow"; My husband used to joke that he was worried that I was going to give birth to a pimple instead of a baby. (How lucky he was that his pregnant wife only suffered from zits and not emotional outbursts.) But once my baby was born, I continued to be plagued. I chalked it up to the fact that I was breastfeeding. Once THAT was done, I expected my skin to return to its former luster. Alas, motherhood apparently entails the additional burden of acne in my case, and thus began my earnest quest for a cure.

    I tried a couple of major systems without luck, and also had my PCP prescribe a topical antibiotic (Cleocin-T) to see if that would help. It did not. But honestly, I didn't feel that my problem was serious enough to seek out the services of a dermatologist. Compared to some, my battle with acne is small potatoes indeed. But, after 2 years...enough is enough.

    So I did some online research (I know, not exactly the most reliable of research sources, but bear with me here) and I was impressed by the Exposed double guarantee and their professed 96% improvement rate. I subsequently ordered their basic kit.

    I loved their system, and while I can't honestly tell you whether there was actual improvement in the first 30 days - I felt like there was improvement. Moreover, I saw definite improvement as I continued to use the kit.

    My two favorite items in the basic kit are the cleanser and the Derm-X cloth. I truly feel that for my situation, those are the two most important components. The cleanser is very mild (I cannot find any other store brand that has a SA percentage as low as theirs) and the Derm-X cloth gets rid of everything left on my face. Your skin seriously feels like new after using this cloth, even if it doesn't quite look like new yet. However, their caution that you should NOT use fabric softener when washing this cloth is really important. Mine accidentally found its way into the wrong load, and I noticed that my cloth wasn't as abrasive anymore, ergo - it didn't do its job in quite the same way.

    The rest of the kit is great too, although I did also note the same thing as one of the other reviewers, which is a crystallized (almost like a small sliver of glass) component in the nighttime cream (clear pore serum). Since this didn't bother me and the product was working, I didn't bother contacting Exposed, I just continued using it. Otherwise, I actually really liked the natural smell of the nighttime cream. It was nice being able to crawl into bed beside my husband without feeling like I smelled like a medicine cabinet. The day cream (Acne Treatment Serum) doesn't smell quite as great, but I cover it up with sunscreen and makeup anyway.

    Eventually, my basic kit ran out, and I did not order a new one (I had chosen the "no membership" option) as I intended to become pregnant again and did not know if Exposed was safe to use during pregnancy. (Some doctors say you shouldn't use products which contain salicylic acid when pregnant.) Since that time, I have noticed a huge backslide in the clearness of my skin. As a result, I will be re-ordering the cleanser and a new Derm-X cloth ONLY, as I believe that the low salicylic acid content of the cleanser alone is probably safe to use topically. (Although I will obviously run this past my doctor as well.)

    Long story made short: This system worked for me, and what's more, I actually LIKED using it. I think products that work for you make the process less tedious as a whole. I only stopped using the system because of my own concerns about SA and pregnancy, but apart from that, I would have continued using Exposed without any hesitation. Indeed, depending upon the opinion of my doctor, I may very well pick it up again regardless.
  • Robert Fernando - If Chuck Norris needed a weapon, this is it!What can I say? I had the highest expectation for this product after reading the reviews. It saved a marriage, reformed an ex-con, doubled as a love inducing device, this list is long and distinguished. It does not disappoint.

    I believe it's the Swiss Army knife of the 25th century. If Buck Rogers got a hold of this, Senator Palpatine would have never ceased control of the Federation and Zion would never be destroyed. Seven times.

    If Chuck Norris were to carry a weapon, this would be it.

    Today, I'm setting out on a mission. A mission to fix the American debt crisis, a mission to bring peace to our world, so that religions, political parties, thespians and accountants may live in peace and harmony. I would never consider attempting this without the Hutzler 571.

    Think about it. It's named like a German tank. Would you leave the house without one?

    Oh, it cuts Bananas too. Pretty darn well.