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  • Genesis A. Williamson - Handy little thingI really like this banana slicer. I have recently bought a very large dehydrator, and a local grocery store sells their older bananas for like, half off on Sundays. They are not bad by any means, just a couple of brown spots. I bought a different slicer at Walmart, but all it did was smush my bananas, and it sliced too thick anyway. This slicer is absolutely perfect. The metal blades cut instead of smush, and I prefer the 1/4" cutting thickness. It's a wonderful addition to my gadget drawer, and my dehydrated banana slices are turning out great!
  • Phil Philson - Great value, highly effectiveI am a profuse back sweater who dealt for years with back acne. After trying Accutane and other dermatologist prescriptions, I realized I simply needed to stop the source of my clogged pores - sweat.

    With SweatBlock, my back was clear in a week. My back was completely dry, even in 100 degree temperatures.

    Because of the cost, I decided to experiment with Certain Dri, realizing the ingredients were basically the same. These products are not the same. Certain Dri just doesn't compare. It helped some, but I kept sweating and some of the acne came back. I highly recommend sticking with SweatBlock and considering it an "investment."
  • Loel M. Phelps "Fontainne" - Absent is the Safe Haven of a Chapter BreakAbsent of predetermined breaking points, I read 'The Road' in a single sitting. Afterwards, reflecting on the tone and intent of the story, it is clear to me that this was McCarthy's intent. The safe haven of chapter breaks completely absent, McCarthy shoves the reader into an exhaustive and emotional landslide of events. Never have I been this engrossed in a world and its characters, and my immersion in the story amplified the emotional weight of a father's drive to keep his son alive in an already dead world.

    This book, and its author provide a beacon for the current and next generation of great American authors.
  • Steven J. Fritchie "adali69" - Rammstein VideosThis is a great 3 DVD set of all (as far as I know) Rammstein videos. I might take off 1/2 star, if I could, because the labeling on DVD 1 and 2 are reversed,so the videos on DVD1 are the songs listed as being on DVD2 and vice versa. I even managed to enjoy the "Making of..." which I usually don't bother with, but they did have subtitles. You will, however, have to plan watching all of them when you have about 4 1/2 hours of free time. If you already have "Lichtspielhaus", then you can skip the first DVD and first 2 songs on DVD2,unless you just want to watch "The Making of...". It also comes with a very good photo-booklet.