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  • Graham H. Seibert - This book probably paid for itself a hundred times over, and may have saved my lifeI like to buy Kindle books like this before I am making a major purchase. The six dollars I spent on this probably saved me and 100 times that much buying a generator that would work.

    My situation - I think it is probably not too uncommon - is that the power goes out fairly often in my neighborhood. We have electric heat, which means that we're freezing in the dark when it does. The most obvious solution seems to be to have emergency backup electricity.

    The introduction of the book tells you how that can be accomplished properly. Basically, start with five figures in US dollars that you are ready to spend. Dedicate some of your real estate to siting a generator, and be prepared to invest a little bit of time making sure that the thing is always ready to go.

    We wanted to go something cheaper. We have a large, well insulated attic and the generator salesman and implied that might be able to put a portable generator up there. I wanted to know why not. Here is a short list.

    1. Start with carbon monoxide. Even if it is in the attic, and vented to the outside, the system still presents a risk. After reading the book I raised my and estimate of the risk.
    2. It would be noisy. The book has a pretty lengthy discussion of the noise the generators make. I hear them in my neighborhood, and knew that they were not quiet. The book gives a lengthy assessment of how noisy, and how to do something about it.
    3. What kind of fuel. I had imagined gasoline. I learned the gasoline deteriorates over time and storage. You cannot keep it for months on end, ready for immediate use when the crisis hits. Here the book offers alternatives. The best solution would be gas, either from the gas company itself or bottled gas. Diesel is a pretty good solution because it is much more stable.
    4. Also on the subject of fuel, I got an idea of the volumes involved. 15 gallons a day is a guesstimate for my situation. At about seven pounds per gallon, that means carrying 100 pounds per day after the attic. There is also the question of where to store that much highly flammable stuff. Up in the attic? Not a good idea.
    5. The book gave a definitive answer to another of my questions: how to integrate generator power with municipal power. The answer: don't do it. Either install a transfer switch, whereby either municipal or the generator is the sole power source, or run extension cords from the generator to the essential appliances you need to operate.

    So I conclude that the best way to do it is the expensive way - an oudoor generator, away from the house, in a weatherproof shelter, protected from thieves. Get an electrician to wire it properly. When all is said and done, it isn't cheap.

    I'm doing a similar analysis of kerosene heaters. Must be more than one way to skin a cat. In any case, this was a very good investment of $6. If and when we buy a generator, I'll be able to ask intelligent questions to be sure we get what we need.
  • JRMac - Love Love LoveI have used this product for 2 weeks now and I love it. I don't know why some people don't like the smell. It smells exactly like lavender. To each his own, I guess. I digress. As long as you follow the directions given, as far as rinsing goes, there is absolutely no problem with the "greasiness" the next day that some customers have complained about. I do have long hair. One thing I will say is that you don't need to use as much of the product as the directions say. I only use about 5-6 pumps for my entire scalp and another 4-5 pumps for the ends. Just add a little water and comb it through while it's wet, put it up in a clip and continue with the rest of your shower (about 5-10 minutes) before rinsing it out with cold water. If I feel I need a little extra I will add 1 pumps as a leave in conditioner for the ends and comb through while my hair is still wet. I have very oily hair, but dry scalp (go figure) and I have had no problems whatsoever...especially living in the South Texas heat and humidity. Before I would have to wash my hair every day in the summer, sometimes twice a day. However, with WEN I can go at least 2 days before I have to wash my hair again. I also have naturally curly/wavy hair, but with the abuse I have done to my hair over the past 30 years or so it was thinning (losing hand fulls of hair every time I'd wash it from breakage), frizzed and lost a lot of my natural curls. Since using WEN Lavender I have more volume, no more dry scalp, less breakage, waves are returning, and a shine I haven't seen in my hair since I was a little girl. I am hooked. I've used everything from pricey salon brands to overpriced drug store finds, and just about everything from Sally's Beauty Supply. I am a believer in WEN now and will never go back to regular shampoos again. I have also ordered WEN Fig and WEN Cucumber Aloe to try. Future reviews to come.
    Sorry Sebastian, I have a new love now.
  • Hecticharriet - FUN FUN FUNThis is a pretty cool game when it first came out I couldn't find much information about it but now that I have decided to give it a try my boys and I all like it alot. too bad it doesn't come with a scenery creator where the user could create and modify their own planets and landscapes to add to the spore universe.
  • Jeffrey W. Anlauf - Been using for years....I have been using of Quicken Home and Business to keep track of my personal and LLC finances for the last 4 years. It ties seamlessly to all of my bank accounts and makes keeping track of everything a breeze. I use it to keep track of all of my reoccurring expenses and layout my finances a month in advance, then its simple enough to just download my transactions and reconcile every couple of days....

    Makes it easy to track multiple savings and checking accounts, 401k, trading accounts, loans, mortgages, you name it...
  • Irma Fernandez - Behind the scenesI've read other things by Eggers, and this one is outstanding. I only knew about Katrina what was broadcast on a nightly basis, however, this book brings to light the fact that we still live in a very unfair society. To put it mildly, prejudices! The fact that so many agencies were so pompous , and uncaring is unbelievable. It's hard to believe that this is and was our country. A very good and informative read.