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  • S. Guest "A Mom of Two Soilders" - Didn't have any problems with my Orgreenic panI need a non stick pan. I have been using cast iron for years, but it is starting to get heavy....or maybe I'm starting to get old. With all the negative comments I was really debating on getting one of these pans. I have a friend who bought one at Walmart and loves it. I wanted the 12", but it was a little more pricey. The $20 I had to pay for the 10" wasn't going to be that big of a deal if I had to throw it out. Our first use was bacon based on other reviews. And it has worked great since day one. We use it at least once daily. Don't have any problem sticking, even cheese. When I cook eggs I do add a little butter (maybe 1/2 teas) because I like the taste. Eggs have never stuck. I'm ready to invest in the 12" now.
  • Jason B. - Great tablet for your money!!Get rid of the ads amazon!!I have a nook, ipad, kindle gen 1 and now I own two kindle fires gen2. Amazon knocked it outta the park on this handheld tablet! Very easy to use but does have a couple draw backs hate the button location on the device and hate the adds I wish I woulda bought no ads options on both a customer should NOT have to pay for this option amazon should be glad customers are buying there product instead of the other dozens of tablets on the market!!!! But other than that very user friendly. Have yet to purchase the new kindle fire xd to see if they improved all the improfections of the older kindle devices.
  • Pamela K Garland - Pocket Hose - Love Hate relationshipIt is great because it is so light weight. I just loved it and bought two of them but within two months they blew out one day apart from each other. There is some defect in the materials, the cloth and rubber both blew out. Just used them for watering flowers. I love it more than hate it because honestly it is the best hose I ever had - no tangling and light.