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Country: Europe, RO, Romania

City: Otopeni, Ilfov

  • E. Andersen - Great gameSpore is a really fun, well done game. The gameplay is diverse and much different from many of the cookie cutter games on the shelves these days. The update mechanism is a bit clunky, but otherwise it runs well on my system.

    Pay no attention to all the cheapskate thieves below posting 1 star reviews over the DRM simply because they can not steal this game. This game, as with any game, has DRM but it cause problems for a very small percentage of people who legally purchase it. I had no problems whatsoever.
  • Jeremy R Slayton - Perfect!I have not had any of the issues that some people have had. WIFI is great throughout my house. No problems with rebooting or freezing. However, I haven't checked the GPS. I didn't buy it for that.

    I worried about ordering the tablet based on the negative reviews. But because of the quantity of positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. I am glad that I did.

    Also, Amazon gave me an expected delivery date of around March 15, but it was delivered two days ago. Good job Amazon!
  • W. Singleton - Definitely the bestThis is the pick of the litter on the Sunbeam products that I have tried. We have owned most, if not all, of the different Sunbeam heating pad products and found this pad to perform best. The controller is really excellent and adds a lot to the usability and comfort of the pad, with six different heat levels and a controllable auto-shutoff feature. The pad itself is very soft and comfortable, as compared to the other models by Sunbeam. The only con is the extra cost, but the additional value is there.
  • pghreviewer - Why didn't I purchase this sooner?Installation was very easy and there was minimal learning curve. I considered switching to Mac for a long time and the main reason I stalled was because I dreaded having to re-learn everything. In particular, I have used Office for many years and was afraid I would have problems with documents and spreadsheets (for work). By purchasing Office Mac Home and Student, I learned my fears were totally unfounded. I have received documents, edited them, saved them, sent them....have had no problems whatsoever. I definitely recommend this product.