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  • A Vacuous Wall Flower - Skinny Fit WomenSadly, some of my fellow reviewers have been lamenting the difficulties one has getting enough women bound up in this durable product to win one's gold stars for paternal generosity. Well, my friends, do I ever have the perfect solution for you! The volume problem really only comes up if you think of your quarry as a collection of whole people. No worries, though, because squirming arms and legs are easily put in their place! Instead of enduring the challenge of reading entire resumes and, God forbid, evaluating the subjects as unobligingly unique and complex beings, close your eyes, click your heals, wipe your mind clear of any vestiges of reality, and picture what you want to see. Now, take that image (and make sure you keep your eyes closed extra tight!), and stamp it on whatever insubordinate wanderer approaches. And stamp it good! Flatten every pesky pound of flesh, squash any beating heart, crush each synapsing neuron, and you will form the perfect, two dimensional picture of the "female" stock character of your choosing, say the trembling damsel in distress, the quietly obedient wife, the hearth-bound mother, the smiling old biddy, or (even better!) the delectable, mindless harlot, ever ready for your taking. When everything gets still and quiet again (you may need to airbrush wrinkles or stray hairs out of the way first), you've earned the right to cut out whichever manageable paper dolls your whimsies favor, paste on some flattering dresses, and put them in frames on your desk or hang them on that wall above the water cooler. Now, my friends, you may pat yourselves heartily on the back and relax, for you will always know that they are disposable, replaceable - pleasing for the moment, but forgotten the next time you blink an artistic, deliberately blind eye. Indeed, you can slip endless numbers of those lovely, weightless projections in plastic page protectors inside your inflexible binder.
  • Shan Pao - It is truly outstandingASUS Transformer Prime TF201-B1-GR Eee Pad 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet (Amethyst Gray)
    I placed the order on 4/6/2012 and got an estimate for May 8 - 10 delivery. I received it on 4/16/2012. My tablet SN starts with C3O. It came with ICS installed. I opened it and fully charged it right away. It is such a beautiful toy, I love it.
    In short, I have no problem with it at all. It is fast and the screen is bright and clear, my WIFI works as well as my 3 month old laptop (wireless N), and it performs better than my old one (wireless G). Down load "GPS Test" from Market, GPS worked well enough. I don't think I will ever use it, just curious. I also bought a Minisuit case from Amazon, it fits perfectly. I ordered a Stylus pen so I don't have the worry about the finger print too much. It has been a nice experience, so far.
    I remember Apple Iphone first came out, Steve Job could not get the dial tone with the phone at the product release conference. Apple sold a case to make it work. Enough people had faith with Apple that gave Apple a chance to improve. That was a beautiful story, and many people benefit from that. I think ASUS is a very good company, and produces very nice products. I am looking forward to see their success.
  • DORIS THE DIVA - I APPRECIATE AMAZON AND THE QUALITY OF BUSINESS THEY REPRESENTEach time I have done business with this company, they have exceeded my expectations,. recently when I ordered terry cloth wraps for my husband, and tonite when I ordered the bodyglove for my sumsung cell phone, they are efficent, professional, and prompt,, they provide exactly what they promise,,
    I am planning to do plenty of business in the future with them, and telling all of my friends to do the same,,

    Amazon, thanks, please show other businesses how to conduct themselves like your company,, you now have a customer for life..if all businesses were like you, there would be more online customers willing to spend money to get good service,, which is what you are all about,, I am extremely impressed with this company, you have never let us down,,

    Your company and the way you treat your customers is to be admired... someone in your mist is very talented, keep them on board,,keep doing business in this manner and your revenues will soar!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much!!!

  • majikwands - Must have for PC protectionYes, I'm a Geek.. so I am highly recommending today's Deal of the Day in Amazon.com:
    I have several licenses Norton 360 this and installed on all of my computers at home, my daughter's laptop for college, my Mom, and my In Laws PCs... If there's a virus or hacker, this program will stop it and prevent. Never had a problem in 4 years and it even repaired my Brother-in-law's computer when it got infected (installed 360 and the problems disappeared!). Today's deal gives you 80% off license to protect 3 computers... additional licenses available direct through Symantec if desired.
  • New momma "Kelsey" - Such an awesome play mat my sons grandma bought 3This playmat is awesome! We started our son on it at 4 weeks old just laid there and stared, now at 4 months old goes crazy playing on it!! My father bought this for him for Christmas, he loves it so much that his other grandma bought 3 more, one for her house, one for the cabin, and one for a friend who's daughter was having a baby soon! I highly recommend this item, my son does not like tummy time but loves to play on his back! He is entertained by it while we get ready for work and while I cook supper! Great item!! Prolly the most used besides his bouncer and swing! Also Fischer price items!