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  • Jonathan C. Chan - Great Book for Preventative Back PainWhen I started working I began to have back pain. My body was not used to sitting down for long hours facing the computer. Although I have not needed to see a doctor for these pains... I worry about the long term damage. I hear about so many people needed back pain surgeries and long term chiropractor treatments and I end up worrying. My girlfriend was the one who suggested I prevent the problem at the root and recommended this book for preventative care. This book has clear pictures and has changed the way I sit, now I no longer feel sore after work. I feel more circulation in the arms and no longer have tense shoulder pains. The great thing about the exercises in the book is that they can be done anywhere and all the time. I have begun to integrate these exercises into my daily routine. I definitely recommend this book for people like me who worries about future pain.
  • Jason - Diet Works If You Have Will PowerThe information in this book probably saved my life. I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, with lots of blood, mucus, and pain. The medications offered by my doctor's only had moderate and short-term effects. So I searched for alternative treatments. The diet in this book works. I have been completely symptom free for about 18 months now and feel better than I have in YEARS. Be warned that the diet is very hard to follow at first, and you need lots of willpower, and having supportive family and friends may be necessary. For example, my wife makes me lots of SCD diet desserts, which has been crucial. There is hardly any food I miss now, and I can't argue with the results.
  • John Loveless "kc7ekk" - Good ProductI ordered a new hydro-floss off of e-bay ($20 bucks cheaper). I like it. It is fun to use, and gets the job done. It's kind of loud when using it but it's not too bad. It takes a couple times to get a good technique down where you don't accidentally shoot water 50 feet across the house or etch the glass in the bathroom mirror. Amazingly it doesn't hurt my sensitive gums when I use it. I still have to floss if I have a pop-corn kernel or something jammed in my gums.
    As for the ionized "magnet-water", well, it's difficult to quantify but my mouth seems to feel cleaner for longer. Also, I am more docile and less willing to disagree with the government or other leadership officials. ;) Overall, I recommend it.

    Oh, I also ordered the jet tips on a recommendation and I like them better than the normal ones. Not only do they shoot a more focused stream of water, they don't deplete the tank as fast.