World Medicine - Pharmaceutical Company - The history of World Medicine starts in the USA and springs from a family business that started with production and markting of only a couple of products. Since then the company developed into transnational global company and is one of the most famous and rapidlly progressing companies on the worldwide pharmaceutical market.

Country: Asia, TR, Turkey

  • Bob J - Comfortable & cool pillowI am side sleeper who has been sleeping on a king sized "green" My Pillow for the past year. I no longer wake up with a numb arm or sore neck in the middle of the night. The pillow also does a good job of dissapating heat, which is great because I get hot while sleeping. I have washed it several times and it comes out like new afterwards. Can't think of a negative comment!
  • Flygirl - Love it!Special thanks to those who wrote reviews before I tried it! I love the product so far so good. I was afraid to try it at first thinking that it might really be like some of those that hurt your stomach but it does not. I'll share this in case it helps someone but I had a tummy tuck (stemmed from a medical condition) and even with that going on, it didn't hurt! I can only do small or mini meals so it's not easy to stay regular. Cannot eat as much fiber as I'd like yet so I tried this to have something natural (vs. a laxative) to help me out. Normally, I could get the pipes working better with the right foods but I have a few bad eating habits too. So, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants something natural to keep things flowing smoothly and i started off with just 2 capsules at a time and it is working. :)
  • KennyB - Great system and productWe love the TAGG product and system, 'it just works'! We travel all over the east coast with our rescued German Shepherd Shanah. She was involved as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring and it is believed that she somehow escaped inevitable death. She was a bloody mess on the streets for weeks until animal control was finally able to get her to a shelter and veterinary care. Because of her history and obvious distrust of people we considered her to be a potential runaway risk. The TAGG system has given us a great sense of confidence especially while traveling. It has worked perfectly from Key West Florida to Halifax Nova Scotia!

    The customer service is the best I have ever encountered, you can easily reach polite and knowledgeable people and it is US based.

    We also get a kick out of the ability of the product to track her activity levels. The graphs, history and charts are fascinating and we enjoy sharing them with family, dog park friends and doggy daycare staff. It also very accurately informs you via text and or email when your pet has left your property.

    The product just works, the system is awesome and the customer service is the best. The price point is also very fair, especially when you consider what you would offer as a reward for your lost pet.

    Shanah is now very trusting and friendly with other dogs and people and spreads joy in the many places she travels to.
  • Holly - Great fitness gameI like this game and it has a lot of different things to do. I like how you can see a whole picture of yourself and the movements are pretty precised. I like how it goes into all different levels of exercise and you can really get a good toning workout from it as well. It can also get your heartrate up with the different running and cardio workouts. I love the brick wall breaker as well! great game.