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  • Mlhill - Great advice for busy moms trying to create a healthy homeI loved this book. I'm a busy mom with a 2 1/2 yr old and a newborn and find it overwhelming at times to run a healthy household. This book was full of advice for making healthy meals and snacks, how to have healthier products in the home and where to find info on which products are best. Even picking out a non-toxic baby lotion can be hard with all the misrepresentation on labels these days but in the book there are a lot of helpful websites and guides to make your selection easier. Of course, she does spend some time here and there talking about how great her company is and the products they make but it was not pushy in any way.
    Most of this info wasn't new to me. I've researched chemicals in our personal products and household products for years. But it did shed some new light on labeling and lies in the industry and helped to inspire me to try harder to keep those nasty chemicals out of our house. Lets face it- it's much easier to run to the store and pick up whichever product will do the job but this book shows a little research goes a long way and even helps with loads of info on each topic.
    There are also sections on Jessica's style and parenting philosophies. I found her to be very well grounded and non-intrusive in sharing all of this. It's always interesting to see how other moms get the job done!
    I would recommend this book to any parent or person that wants to create a safer, balanced home. It's a quick read and one you will refer back to often for all of the recipes, guides, and websites she provides!
  • Matt - Worth the wait!This is my first tablet (64 gb gray) and let me tell you it is unreal. It was absolutely worth the wait. Everything about it is awesome...the design, processor, screen is beautiful. GPS is bad but who is honestly going to us this in their car. That is not a deal breaker. I have played with quite a few tablets and I can honestly say this is the best. Wayyyyy better than the Ipad and all other Android tablets. Highly highly recommend!
  • Shukura C - ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!I absolutely love it at y friend's house and begged my daughters for be for Christmas. They bought mine, love the red and silver and I do just one shot of carbon dioxide and it is a perfect amount of fizz. I put a wedge of lemon with my purified soda water and it tastes great! I stopped drinking soda a long time ago but this machine, using no electricity, allows me that little treat when feel like it. I don't use their flavor packets because they have fake sugar. I buy my own syrups that contain only sugar, I add juice sometimes or simply a lemon wedge. Definitely would recommend to friends, family and strangers!