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  • Barbara Prellop - Great ProductI put these shoes on and never had to break them in. They are awesome. I need a 2A width and Mizuno offers this option where other brands don't . I always buy the Wave Rider because they fit well, are extremely light and have excellent padding. They are the perfect shoe for me. Amazon provides excellent service and delivery time is always minimal. I am pleased with the purchase.
  • K. Thomson - Beautiful TabletI am going to do my review in sections because I want to give a true experience of my tablet. I am thrilled I FINALLY got my tablet and I must say it is beautiful! I ordered the 32 gb Champagne the first few minutes it became available on amazon on Dec. 19th. I do wish now I would have gotten the Amathyst. It is pretty much a light silver with a hint of gold color but not much. I think I would have enjoyed the purplish tone better. That being said it is still very classy and beautiful looking as well as feels VERY well built. Turned it on and everything so far is running very fast and smooth without the ICS update (actually no updates yet) I do not have wireless access in my building, but this building is quite large and there are many businesses in the building that do have wireless access and I was very curious (based on other reviews out there) If the transformer would pick up the signals. The closest office that has wireless is 20ft or so away and the fartherest is probably about 100ft or more. It picked up the same wireless networks in the building that my Samsung galaxy s2 did and at the same or better reception based on looking at "the bars". I sent some music from my phone to my tablet via bluetooth and all went very well. Everything I have done so far...which is about everythign you can do without a network connection is very smooth and fast. Simply a wonderful experience so far...and riptide game demo was really cool and ran extremly smooth. So far a perfect tablet for me. the camera took a beautiful picture and had a really good close up auto focus (which I can't say my galaxy s2 does). The speaker sounds better than I expected actually and yes there is only one, but it has really decent sound. It would have been really cool to have two, however after thinking about it how would they know were to put it because depending on which way you hold your tablet...both speakers might end up on the same side anyways (so who cares there is only one if it sounds decent). I will update my review once I get home and get connected to a network. The GPS type applications (location) will not turn on without a wifi network connection, but that is ok as this is a wifi tablet. Others have commented on the "lack of GPS" but since it is no longer in the specs of this tablet and people buying this tablet going forward will not expect gps...I am not even going to count that in my review as it is a none issue from this point forward. I didn't buy this tablet for GPS navigation as my phone is really awesome at that and will always be connected and with me on the go (as itis true for most people....most people, not all). More to come....... can't wait to fully charge and update to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)...and yes I have a serial # so I am assuming it will update automatically.

    Update: well..i'm typing on my prime and it is running excellent! The update to ics went quick and smooth. 50' ft away in the back corner of my house i get 2 bars in the wifi connection....but it feels like it is running at the same speed as it did when i was sitting in my front room by the router. Streamed netflix smooth as silk at 2 bars in the back corner of my house as well as downloaded a 7mb app in about 4 seconds. I truly do not care how many bars it says i have as long as it is running the same either way. Sat in the car in a basement garage about 40 feet away and down a level and got 2-3 bars and still ran smooth. Connected to mcdonalds wifi outside in the drive through at 2-3 bars and the internet ran smooth as silk. So far im still in love!
  • C. Somers - Everything I ExpectedI've been wanting to purchase a portable GPS for a long time. We have been Garmin fans since way back when we had their navigational devices on our boats. This device required about an hour to setup and download the updates. It connected without any problems to my Windows XP computer. It was registered in a few minutes and then I took it outside to acquire a strong signal and start figuring out how it worked. Without any instructions, the inputting of destinations and favorites was very user-friendly. However, I'm a computer geek and the true test was my husband being able to use the GPS. We were both happy that after only a few clicks he was able to navigate to the Favorites menu I configured and see the map and hear the voice with directions.

    I'm very pleased with this purchase. The price is very reasonable and the device was not difficult to setup and configure.
  • Just-a-Guy - Bose at its bestI purchased this Solo because I was very disappointed in my Vizio TV's speakers. I have a 46" HDTV that rests perfectly on top of the Bose Solo. This system has excellent sound quality and preforms flawlessly. My only complaint is the ridiculous little remote. But that problem has been solved with my all in one remote. Overall this is an excellent compromise if you want big sound and no visible wires
  • Barbara Mitchell - TurboTax Deluxe 2012This was selling for $49 at WalMart...I returned it and bought thru Amazon for $20 less. Sure am glad I did. In previous years I've used the "free" TurboTax offered through the bank....but it is sooooo much nicer to have my own and I can do up to 5 returns with it, so I've done mine, my Dad's, and my daughter's so far. It is great. I would recommend this to anyone; well, anyone who can read directions and type. There's no need to pay outside preparers to do your income tax return...unless you're just totally scared to death to do your own. TurboTax is so user friendly and take your time and just answer the questions. It will do the calculations for you. And you can close out and go back later....there's no rush and no pressure. Plus there's lots of "help" questions and answers. My tip to everyone is "check out all the credits and see if you qualify for any...you may be surprised".