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  • S. Dize "susan_dize@yahoo.com" - Worth the cost!This play mat is wonderful! My son loves it. We got it when he was 1 month old and he has a great time kicking the piano keys and hitting the animals. The great thing is that it grows with him and he can use it for a long time. It's worth the money...especially when you see your little one smile so much!
  • Mizz Dee - What more is there to say.......Purchased as a gift. The receiver loves the Kindle. It meets all of THEIR needs without the expense of the tablet competitors.
  • Pammydi - rephrest pro-bI have to give this 2 Legs up! LOL I just started using this along with the vh essentional about 3 week ago! I must say Im not sure witch one is working the best .... but the combo Is definitly working! Being a chronic Bv sufferer! Ive been at my wits end! I knew I needed something other that the Dr scrips of flagel and metro gel! So i finially decied to do more research, After seeing the commercials I was sceptical but after I had another one (BV) I decided to look it up and give it a try! Some women said it didnt work for them but I went for it and decided I would use both the rephesh and the vh essentials! One review I read mentioned the vh essentials so I decide to look that up akso! I must say I am beyond PLEASED! Yes its and added cost but Well Well worth it! I also used the suppositories! I use half for the 2 days and just waited to see! While still taking both pills! Now I use the suppositories after sex just as a back up! And I am So happy! Its working well! I also read that zinc and goldenseal may help and will be trying those to just for reassuance!
  • W. T. Hoffman "artist and musician" - This Epic of Old India is no lemon.When i got the book, i resisted reading it at first. I thought, "Is this a woman's book?", since it tells the epic story of Sivakami's life. No, its not a "woman's book", just women IN a book. This is far less a romance novel than Hesse's Sidhartha. TOSS OF A LEMON is however, a quietly philosophical work, with the majestic themes that one rolls out in every attempt to view the why of humanity.
    This tossing of a lemon is a signal given at the moment of the birth, of Sivakami's two children, so her astrologer husband can cast very accurate birth charts. Since the husband must not be in the same house, as a woman giving birth, the lemon was tossed outside, to maintain the ritual purity of the Brahmin caste. When Sivakami became engaged to the local astrologer-herbalist at the age of 7, her father making the arrangement with the astrologer was told, that his future son in law had a "bad quadrant" in his birth chart, tho perhaps the birth of a son, would wipe this out. If this didnt happen, he might die "an early death". Anyway, the second child arrives, a son, and sure enough, the lemon tossed outside when the new baby greeted the world, fortold that the Sivakami's husband only had 3 years to live. So right from the outset, we are met with the themes, that seem to be threaded thru this tale. One of the big questions, is Fate verses Self-determination. The Braham caste have many many odd ceremonies, in place for millenia, that seem to keep change from happening. When something unusual or tragic DOES happen, its all got to do with witchcraft, astrology and angry gods. And tho a self respecting Brahman might not say he believes in superstition, in fact, the book starts with very superstituous people on the verge of the 20th century's scientific insights, but not quite there. In many ways, Sivakami is a woman trapped between these two worlds, one world of the ancient Indian customs shaping her thru fate and submission to ones role in society, verses the idea that one MUST make it in the world thru their own self willed stance against outdated, and socially harmful customs. In one small way, Sivakami stands in defiance of custom, so that when her husband dies, she doesnt leave his home. Altho she in every way, wants to be the perfect little housewife, mother of two, and devoted lover to her husband (all this by the time she was 18 years old), it is a great burden, when the "stars" take away your happiness at an early age. Like so many people that have fate rob them of some simple happiness, those singular, small happinesses of life we so often take for granted, Sivakami keeps moving thru this world with the dignity of her social caste, affected by her situation, but not being brought down by it. This is why she is a heroine, of course. She can manage distant in-laws who try to rob her of her inheritance from her late husband with ease. She can see to raising a family as a single mother. (She was not allowed to remarry, Braham custom.) I would like to say more, but it would sacrifice the reading enjoyment.
    Altho this is a long book, over 600 pages, its a fast read, without becoming "pulpy". And, like some books from cultures that have very different languages than ours, some of the names, can become a little difficult. But its not even a small hurdle. I would recommend this book, to anyone who loves to learn a bit from even their "light" reading, or who love to travel to exotic, distance lands, even if its all in their imagination. Because above all, this is a book based on truth, even tho it has a fable like quality to it. For me, I could relate to the fetters of life, that keep you locked someplace you would rather not be, and yet, sometimes find yourself. So hopefully you will find it in your karma, as I did, to read this book. Just remember, brew up a little bit of honeyed tea, heap mango chutney on rice crackers, play some Ravi Shankar on the stereo, burn the Nag Champa incense, and enjoy the travel to old India. (No sacred cows or monkeys were harmed in the making of this review.) OM SHANTI