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  • Vaughn "The answer man!" - Awesome! What more can I say?I have used SOS to home school my kids for 7 years and all I can say is that it is great. Is it perfect? Is anything perfect? There is always room for improvement. If you are a busy parent with little time, but have decided that you love your children enough to take responsibility for their education and get them out of the drug riddled, dysfunctional, anti-God public education system; then SOS is for you. There are plenty of other good curriculum's out for home schooling your children, but SOS makes it a lot easier for time strapped parents. All that, plus you will have the joy of knowing that your children are not being indoctrination into the unscientific religion of Darwinian evolution, as well as having their patriotism destroyed by negative American revisionist history.
  • Maryb - So Happy To Find This Book!When I was diagnosed with Chron's, I was so upset. I thought that this was something that I couldn't fix with diet or exercise. Thank goodness this book was recommended to me. My husband and I both read it, and cleared out the kitchen cabinets! We already ate mostly fresh and unprocessed foods, but I needed to ditch the cookies and chocolate and caffeine. I have been on the diet for 4 months, and am so pleased with the results. We have purchased three or four other cookbooks dedicated to SCD as well. No prescription medications and nasty side-effects for me!! For as long as I can I will avoid them, and continue to work towards total healing in a healthy way.
  • Teri J. Pierce "information hound" - It takes a true commitment....I have always shown a creative side - but also have the disturbing habit of never finishing anything. So I got this book for the 2nd time, and made a commitment with myself, the book, and my Higher Power to stick with it no matter what might be going on. So far, so good - it's only been a couple weeks though....the author makes it very clear that all that is required is to do the work in the book, and you will come to know, understand, and trust your creativity - however it manifests. I definitely recommend this book!!
  • Karam Khan "Voracious Bookworm" - this one matters tooMost people fall in the trap of comparing this disc with previous Pink Floyd discs and I think as a piece of recording done independent of Roger Waters, this is quite a good one.Do people expect groups to crank out the same material over and over? This might not be "The Wall" or "Dark side of the moon" but then its not supposed to be that either. I find this a very mellow disc and it should not be compared to pink floyd's other recordings as that is quite unfair. Because this is not the Pink floyd that most people are used to hearing. The group has grown musically, a bit different from what Floyd fans would expect them to grow in to, but they are good nevertheless.It takes at least two to three tracks for the cd to find its groove and then dwell on that a while. The same thing with David Gilmour's vocals. they have an unrestrained quality to them early but a few tracks into the recording,it gets so much better. for me this ranks pretty high up there. Sonic experimentations by the band and the subtle orchasteral techniques by Micheal Kamen are quite a thrill intricately woven with Gilmour's guitar and Wright's keyboard. I find this one of the best mellow rock cd's to come out in quite a while and I view it independently from the pink floyd of Roger Waters era. If your willing to take away your expectations of the Pink Floyd of the past and listen to something new yet familiar, this disc is for you. if you keep thinking of floydian sounds of the past, its going to be a let down i state that very clearly. but if you go the other way, you might find yourself rewarded. dont get me wrong here, Previous albums by this group are more then well worth a mention but this is an independent review of THIS album ,because that is what it should be. like any other albums, this is more of a moody piece and broods with some sort of enchantment.Many people fail to see Gilmour's genius and focus on Waters and what could have been had he stayedanother thing is some of the photography in the cd booklet which I find absolutely beautiful. I hope this one gives you as much listening pleasure as its given me.