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  • Terry Tozer "TJSKA.com" - Easy & light-hearted but powerful, positive & motivatingExactly as the above synopsis describes, this book has been written in a lovely & easy to read format. Written in the fashion of a story of a man who has to catch a bus to go to work one day because his car won't start, but it's no ordinary bus......all the characters on the bus have a particular role to play in helping this man sort his life out, find out what's gone wrong with it & why, help him find out what he's doing wrong & help him discover not only what he wants & expects out of life but how to easily obtain & achieve his ambitions, goals & dreams.

    Although written in a sipmle (& pleasing) style, the ideas are very powerful & complete. Most PMA books of this type are normally so think & laborious that all they achieve is sending you to sleep. This one is much more lively & positive & keeps you motivated to put the "Rules" into use & try them out.

    The language is plain & clear & makes the book a light-hearted read no fancy jargon or (surprisingly) Americanisms.

    Although only a short book, it has all the information you need to set you on the right course to find success in your life. Because it is short, it doesn't take long to read & put these invaluable ideas into practice. All you have to do is to remember these ideas & concepts the next time your out amongst other people!
  • Kimberly Lang - awesome transactiongreat product, exactly as ordered...will help my son prepare for the pre pharmacy exam...Kaplan has great products that help you prepare for your exam
  • S. Pearce - Great product, modify it for your hair and scalp needs.My hair stylist recently gave me a small amount of this to sample. I have jaw length, dirty blonde hair, stick straight, baby fine & thin, and the ends are fried from coloring and blow drying. Since I have an oily scalp and wash my hair daily, I didn't want to use it as a leave in product, afraid it would make my hair greasy. Every few days, I mix a drop or two in with a little conditioner (Matrix Biolage Cond. Balm), leave it on my hair for a few minutes, then rinse it out. Because this product is mostly silicone, with a small amount of argan oil, it coats the hair shaft, and doesn't completely rinse away. This stuff is FANTASTIC! It makes my hair feel super soft, combing and styling are a breeze, and my hair style seems to hold up longer, doesn't go flat as fast. Best part of all, it doesn't make my hair greasy. I would recommend this DermOrganic w/Argan Oil product to anyone. If you have very dry hair and scalp, try using it as a leave in product. Normal or oily scalp, try it as a rinse out product.