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  • PA Girl - Love My GrillI purchased this grill this spring and love it. You need to get used to a different way of cooking. I suggest searing the meat with a high temp first then turn the temp down and let it cook through. Be careful because everything cooks really fast on this grill. I have found that anything that I cook on this grill has a great flavor and is exceptionally moist.

    I used smoker chips but found it cumbersome to place them between the grates. I may be missing an easier way to use them. I am going to try pellets which I think may be easier.

    Flare ups are nonexistent and its compact size and large grilling surface is perfect. I love the caster wheels. Perfect for maneuvering around a small patio. I have had no trouble with the starter. It starts everytime, except for the one time when I ran out of propane.

    I have had no trouble with rusting at all either. I follow the directions and spray the grates with oil before and after use. The grates need to be "seasoned" just like your grandma's iron skillets. The first few times I used it, the grates weren't seasoned and I needed to relearn cooking times. After I got through that, I love it. The best features are how juicy the meat tastes and how fast it cooks.
  • Angela C. Larson - pretty amazingAfter years of suffering and no diagnosis, I was weak to the point that I couldn't even wash my hair in the shower without exhaustion and pain. I really thought there would just be a day when I wouldn't wake up in the morning. I prayed and prayed for whatever was wrong with me to be revealed. After what seemed like every test under the sun, my gastro doctor had me perform a breath test, which revealed a high level of bad bacteria in my small intestine (SIBO). He basically told me to stay away from milk, take a special antibiotic, and all would be well. He was wrong. I was still so miserable. A nutritional panel was run, and I was deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals. My intestines were not absorbing nutrients. After doing my own research, I came upon this book. I can honestly say that this is what saved me. I followed the diet very strictly, and after about four months, I started to feel like myself again. I do take vitamin supplements, and I cannot live without the yogurt (regular cow's milk). After 2+ years, I am still not able to eat many foods. I have decided that if I want to feel well, this is the basic diet I need to follow. Is it easy? NO. But it is so much better than the alternative. I wish doctors were more educated about nutrition. It is truly the key to overall well-being.