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  • K. Bower - Works great & good customer serviceI have used the TRIA Laser Hair Removal system at a frequency of every 3 weeks for approximately 5 months. I've worked my way up to setting 2 out of 3 for all but the most sensitive areas. (The new devices have 5 power levels). While my treatment is not quite completed, I am very happy with the results. The treated areas are mostly hair free by now, and the remaining patches are likely the result of my lack of following directions properly, and not overlapping the laser pulses during treatment.

    The device began to have problems sensing when it was in contact with the skin so I called TRIA and the company sent me a postage paid return box. Within 2 weeks I had a brand new device at no extra cost and no hassle, and I can now finish up my treatments. There may eventually be improvements to this technology, but this is a well-designed device that works and is backed by a good warranty. It takes a number of treatments, and a little pain endurance but it is worth it - especially compared to the alternatives.
  • Leonardo V. Lopez, MD - Abreva Spray pump dispenserI love Abreva, but am very disappointed with the small spray pump type of dispenser. There is no way to know when you are running low. Early this morning I needed to apply more to my cold sore and found out that it was empty. I had applied a dose last night and unknowingly used it all up. Until I am able to get to the drug store for another dispenser ( which will not be until later today), my healing is on hold. PLEASE bring back the squeeze tube!!!
  • amacust - Good productI ordered this Antivirus for 3 users. It is easy to install. If you have already installed some antivirus, you need to uninstall before installing Mcafee.
    Amazed to see that it suggests that some websites are safe and some websites are unsafe even when you do a google search.
    If some website is known to be unsafe, it gives a message in the browser when we hit the address in the browser that some risk is found and do you wish to visit anyway.
    Not sure, if this message of blocking is truly unsafe, as I noticed an ordinary website were told to be unsafe by this software once which is not harmful as far as I have browsed.
    Overall, reliable product.
  • BraveFox - Great book, LOVE it!In my opinion, the author gives an absolutely comprehensive, a true picture of job-hunting strategies in the modern world. Everything I knew about job-hunting from my own life, my friends experience, or professional advice, everything and much, much more is in this precious book! This book offers a life-lasting strategy, a conception that would save your time and energy in the job-hunting process, and land you with the job that is right for you. That is what a parachute is for: to save your life in a critical moment.