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  • Shirlee - - Wipe New Really WorksI have a 99 Mercedes Convertible. All of the black rubber trim around the bottom and bumpers had become weather beatened and faded to a grayish dull color. I followed the directions exactly (a like really does go a long, long way) and in less than 30 minutes, it was completely renewed to a fresh black. One month later and the renewed, vibrant color is still lasting. I'm very pleased. Will buy another for the interior.
  • A. J. Giraldo - Excelente alternative for desparate casesMy wife brother, was soffering from Psoriasis for about 10 years. During all that time doctor prescribed corticoid medicine to keep skip clean. Last fall the corticoid creams, he used to use were not enought to keep his skin clean. He Went to another doctor and he found out that he has a very serios illness caused by the prolonged use of corticoid creams (Cushing's symdrome). He is now off of the creams and suffering from osteoporosis,depresion, high pressure.

    After TWO WEEKS of starting on the new diet and procedures that doctor Pagano recomends in his book, my relative's skin on arms and head stoped scalping and become clear as when he was a boy. He is very optimistic,about his healing. My wife suffers also from excema , she stared on the Pagano's diet and the itching is gone and her skin is now clear and shinning as never before.