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  • almaandr - Explore New York's beautiful peopleA book which can bring back faith for humanity, a brilliant set of photographs portraying the most honest and simple views of ordinary (yet anything but ordinary) people of New York. Such a vibrant and crazy city with hundreds of types of personalities and thousands of types of stories, Humans of New York captures it all beautifully with wonderful portraits and captions. It's a must-have!
  • dotty Flannery - Luv!Luv!Luv.. my Kindle!My Kindle was a Christmas gift from my husband,Pat, this year and I must say that it is in the top five gifts that I have ever been given!
    I must have a book at all times! The thought of not having a book to read will keep me in a state of insomnia at night. So it is so exciting to order a book as soon as the last one is completed and I dont have to drive to a drugstore late at night or find a bookstore where I can purchase a book that I have wanted to read. It is all right there at my fingertips!
    My kindle is lightweight and easy to hold unlike a large hardback novel plus it fits in any purse I am using and travels wherever I go. There is never a moment of boredom while I wait in a dentist's waiting room or for the oil to be changed at the Jiffy Lube.
    It is also really great to have the Kindle support team-they are polite and avaible at all times.
    I cant imagine that any Kindle user would feel less than my amount of affection for their own Kindle. An yes, I mean affection-my Kindle is now one of my best friends!

    Dotty Flannery
  • Matt Clark - Great Game, Very difficult!I love the game, one of the best true racing games I've ever played...possibly THE best. Only downfall for me is that it's extremely difficult to run a faster lap than the pros in career mode; you really have to build up to a point where you can run with the computerized racers. Maybe I'm just not that great at it...

    Tough game, but a very cool game as well.