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  • plrrm - Hey you, Whitehouse,ha ha charade you areWho was born in a house full of pain.
    Who was trained not to spit in the fan.
    Who was told what to do by the man.
    Who was broken by trained personnel.
    Who was fitted with collar and chain.
    Who was given a pat on the back.
    Who was breaking away from the pack.
    Who was only a stranger at home.
    Who was ground down in the end.
    Who was found dead on the phone.
    Who was dragged down by the stone. Great music.Great lyrics.Great album.
  • Mark Creative - Awesome! If you want to live, get it!This book is great, although his words on Honey are strange. Beside only that, if you want to live and survive all the diseases out there that the medical community does not want to really see you cured from because they would almost all go out of business then do what this book says. And an even better or on the same level product to get would be MMS1 & MMS2, look those up, your life or medical survival will depend these things!
  • S. Brown "Mac User" - Excellent alternative and/or supplementMy daughter is taking the SAT this year so we got her this one and the one printed by the people who write and grade the tests. I found the two books to be equally useful, yet somewhat different. Although most kids don't like sitting around taking practice tests, it is an effective means of studying and preparing, so two books with slightly different material is beneficial. If you can only afford one book, I recommend this one, but I humbly suggest that getting both books is even better if the student will actually use them. There is lots of introductory material in this book to help the student prepare though an understanding of what to expect when walking into the testing center. Recommend.
  • Nana-the-Baker - Traditional Christmas gift!This family LOVES these books, and they have been a Christmas tradition for about 20 years now! Each year I have to be more creative so that these books are absolutely the last packages handed out - because immediately everything else must stop while the search for one thing or another starts - and all is quiet for a few minutes before laughter and calls of "look on this page" begin! And each person has to get their own copy of the book - so I usually wrap a large box or gift bag addressed to me, and hold onto it until the very end of all gifting - even though now everyone anticipates the books!