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  • apsara - amazing productThis is really an amazing product. I accidentally came across it while searching the web for something else. Water Works, kept coming up, and curiosity got the better of me. I am so glad it did. I don't have any of the bothersome infections or odors, that I have read so many women have, but I am a freak about personal hygiene...all kinds and that includes tending to my lady parts. This product is nothing shy of the best thing available for a woman, period. It's easy, quick and convenient. Like so many other women I use it when I shower, and afterwards I just know "all" of me is clean. No missed parts. Now I am not suggesting this for anyone else, but stating what I do, and that it works for me. I add several drops (maybe 10) of pure peppermint oil to my bag of tap water, and it leaves me with the very light scent of mint. Pure peppermint oil needs to be diluted, its very strong. It always pays to do research. I use the "now" brand available here on Amazon, but it is available everywhere. "If" you have an infection, I suggest you get that cleared up before you add ANYTHING at all to your water, you don't want to aggravate or cover up something that needs to be medically treated. Read up on the benefits of using peppermint and you'll see it goes way back in history. Alone this wonderful product is a woman's best friend.
  • David Thatcher - It works!Since having a baby in March 09, my wife has been troubled by frequent nausea and diarrhea with abdominal pain. Sometimes it would get so bad she would just curl up in a ball on the living room floor and not want to talk or anything. We went to the doctor who ran all sorts of blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound which showed nothing. We were very much despairing as it was becoming debilitating for my wife.
    Enter Align... within days she was better. Her bowel movements improved, her nausea went away, her energy level increased, her appetite increased, and most importantly, she feels like she can live her life again.
    My only explanation of what might have happened to my wife is this... during labor she was given an antibiotic via IV for strep. I believe it also killed off the beneficial gut bacteria as well, resulting in intestinal imbalance. Align appears to have restored the balance for her. I am without explanation as to why the medical community does not have a protocol for administering a course of probiotics after strong antibiotic treatments as the need is obvious.
  • A. Perry - I very good read!I must say, I normally will not sit down and get lost in a book, especailly one with 700+ pages. However I must say "WOW" what a book. It was clear to me that this author hit the nail on the head! He has been around Michael Jackson and his family for many years and all of the references listed in the back of the book prove as much. I know for me, moving forward I will not believe any infromation put out by his family or any of their associates, with the exception of Janet because they clearly have no idea what Michael Jackson was about, for a good portion of his life. I would hope that this author one day decision to turn his book into a movie. I would definitely go see it. Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson!!
  • Joyce Barison - Excellent and Easy to FollowThis is an amazing and easy to use book that gives the experience of taking a workshop on how to sit, stand, bend sleep and walk correctly. It is beautifully written, has wonderful pictures and is a clear guide to a healthier way of living with your body. It requires some time and motivation but if you have that this book can help you to rethink all your movements. I am a Tai Chi Instructor and an ESL teacher. This book, and I've only had it for two weeks, has changed the way I walk, sit, stand and sleep. I am even changing some basic things in my Tai Chi set. I feel fortunate to have this book. I took one lesson with Esther in person and it helped tremendously, but only because I had studied her book so carefully before I went to see her. My presenting problem is pain in the heel of my right foot. I am very encouraged by all the exercises she presents as well as the new way to walk. Everything that is presented is not strenuous or complicated. It just takes practice. Ester's book provides a great service to modern man.
  • Vickie - Upgrade to Quicken 2012I have used Quicken for many years. My primary reason for upgrading was a new laptop purchase. I do like that the user interface has many similarities to the 2009 release. I don't recongize loads of new features with the 2012 release.

    The Amazon download of the software was simple and easy. This was my first experience with using this avenue for purchasing software.

    Recently, Quicken contacted me with a promotional offer indicating that transaction updates to my accounts would cease shortly if I didn't upgrade as their policy is to suppport a release for only two years. In spite of my recent purchase solving the issue, I don't care for this policy. The reality is that there are many online alternatives for household money management that are less costly than Quicken. So, my advice is if you are not already using Quicken, investigate alternatives unless you're prepared to purchase new software every two years.