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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Zip "techno nerd" - So far so good ...I've had the printer 2 weeks now. Here is a quick recap of the initial experience:

    - Easy installation. No issues - used the "in memory" software/drivers in the printer, that loaded across the network (wired) to 2 PC's.
    - Airprint: Works like magic from the ipad and iphone.
    - Very fast first page output. Haven't timed it but its probably about 10-15 secs. The brother I had before took quite a while.
    - Does not use as much power as my old Brother which would "dim" the lights when it kicked in/started up due to the initial load it put on the circuit.
    - Nice output - even for photos.
    - Monitoring software seems pretty good and easy to figure out (browser based as opposed to some clunky windows app).

    Cons (minor):
    - Seemed to take a bit of time to load the software - but still within reason (PC: windows 7 x64 with i7 Intel).

    The biggest issue will be the cost of the toner when it comes time for that - but that is pretty much standard.
    So far I am very pleased with this purchase.
    Keep an eye on the pricing (i could have saved 50 bucks or so if i had bought it when it dropped for a week or so).
    I'll update this review once I have had it for 6 months or so (or when the starter toner runs out). I've got it on a surge protector which I hope will work during our storms.
  • Jason M Carroll - very impressedI was a little worried about buying this product because alot of the reviews i read online said that it had bad wireless card reception and terrible gps reception. I got to say it is awesome i have great use out of this the wireless picksup networks that my laptop cant even find. The gps on the other hand only works if you are outside, in your car u cant get great signal but who would use this for directions, just get a smart phone. I am very impressed with my tablet the graph8cs are unbelievable and the tegra 3 quad core processor is amazing. I would recommend this tablet to anyone who was thinking about getting it.