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  • laternighter "felissarose" - Perfect when you don't know what to bring to Thanksgiving dinnerIt's always difficult to know what to bring when having Thanksgiving dinner with friends with everyone baking pies...how many pumpkin and pecan pies can you have.. If you want to really surprise your friends and give them a holiday to remember this is it. It should really liven things up when we arrive with the the Defense Technology 56895 M-K 9 Stream along with the expected bottle of wine this Thursday.
  • Dave - Creates a needed kinder, gentler world to visitI have read the entire series and recently reread the first book, At Home in Mitford. Karon successfully creates an alternative world where good prevails. Yet if you have read several of her books, you will know she doesn't whitewash unavoidable realities of mountain life - alcoholic abusive parents, drug dealers and moonshiners, violent and desperate folk. But the rewarding thing about her books is that in this little corner of the universe, Mitford, goodness and hope dominate. And what is wrong with getting a dose of that? If I want violence, twists and turns, shabby dealings, and angst-ridden monologues, I'll just pick up the newspaper or look at aol's main page!