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  • Miss Kelton - Bring Up The BodiesI am very addicted to fiction type historical novels - and Henry V111 - with his succession of wives - and all the characters of this period in his court - has always intrigued me. Hilary Mantel weaves in and out of the actual with facts and filling in with the fictional thoughts and lives of all the characters in "Bring Up The Bodies" - I could not wait to turn the pages and was left suspended when I had read the last page - hoping for the story line to be continued.

    I highly recommend this as an excellent entertaining and informative read. One of the most enjoying for me.

    You will not be disappointed!
  • Gary B. White, M.D. - A Serious Diet for a Serious DiseaseThis is a serious book meant for those who suffer with serious disease and meant to be followed precisely. The book dictates a meticulous diet which in my experience produces good results among those who follow it faithfully. Those who merely thumb through, give it a glance, and fail to follow its instruction will invariably fail, while those who read it, study and follow it closely have a better than good chance of improving their condition. Of course it must be used in conjunction with good medical advice, proper medication and aggressive follow up by a trained physician.