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  • J. Mcgowan "Joe Mac" - Great resourceExcellent resource for upcoming baseball season. Reading Baseball Perspective has become a pre season ritual. I highly recommend the Kindle edition since it is available long before the print edition giving me ample time to review all teams before Opening Day. Baseball Perspective tells it like it is based on sound statistical analysis. This is essential reading for the informed fan!
  • James Barnett - Quicken Deluxe 2013As usual, the folks at Intuit have put out another good checkbook and money managing piece of software. Once you make any entry on one computer, you merely go to your other computers (up to three), your IPAD, and your Android devices (phones and Kindle Tablets - like Kindle Fire) and hit the mobile sync tab. The software then updates the other devices from the Quicken Cloud. Since we do not store any account numbers on our mobile devices, and have identity theft/fraud insurance, we do not worry about about low lifes stealing from us. Quicken has patched the problems listed by some users.