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  • Becky Ruschman - Great ResourceI ordered this GRE review book with the hope that it would help me prepare for the GRE. Although I have yet to take the GRE, I feel that the book is adequate in information on the test (especially since it was just changed back in the fall) and provides plenty of practice problems both in the book and online. The bonus of buying this book online from Amazon, it was about $10 cheaper than buying it from a Barnes and Noble store.
  • Harwa Frank - Anti-infective bibleDon't prescribe your next antibiotic without this! I love Sanford, discovered it in school. Will protect you in a court of law every day. Has great guides and rationales for when certain products are indicated. Includes the latest IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) guidelines and recommendations also. Medscape, Prescriber's Letter, and Medical Letter are great for updates until the next edition is published.
  • Adrian De La Garza "Schumy" - It simply works...I've been using this product for over 10 years and all I can say is that it does work.

    I discontinued its use for a couple of months and got bald. As soon as I restarted to use it, I noticed much of my lost hair was growing back.

    I know it doesn't work the same for everyone, but in my case, I happen to be one strong candidate.
  • Indigo Ink "glows in the dark..." - Every Year!The last several years I have gotten the We'Moon date book and it's so amazing. The artwork, the poetry, the stories. As a date book it's excellent, a good amount of room per day to write in, moon phases and astrological information. I ordered and received the spiral bound, I checked the ISBN numbers before I ordered since there were some reviews stating they received the unbound version.
  • Lindsay - Informative and easy to read!I felt overwhelmed by the choice of parenting books and didn't want to subscribe to any specific parenting style before getting some hands on experience. As a first time mom, I feel this book is easy to read and extremely informative. I also have Wedding Bargains and Baby Bargains by Denise Fields so I already knew I like the writing style. I love that the Fields teamed up with a pediatrician so I have many medical questions answered by someone qualified to do so. It's great to read a book that presents you with the facts and doesn't impose any opinions on the reader!