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  • John Hyman - Great things do come in small packagesFirst I bought the sign that said, "Caution: Radioactive Materials (with graphic) Label, 5" x 3.5"", then I realized that I didn't have anything radioactive, so I had to buy this Uranium Ore. I bought the sign because I don't have a dog and I thought it would be better protection for my house then one of those lousy "beware of dog" signs. It's a good thing I already own a geiger counter or I would have had to buy one of those too. The Ore that I received was rated at 629 CPM and I was delighted to find that my geiger counter agreed. The rock is smaller than you would expect. It's about the size of a pea. It's the best thing that I've bought from Amazon. My house hasn't been robbed since I bought this.
  • JB "J.bosh" - My life is better thanks to align, From IBS patientI started taking align 3 years ago. I always wanted to tell my story but never had a chance too, until today. i've had a vey weak stomach almost my entire life. I was diagnosed wiyh IBS and was misserable. GAS, Bloating, acid reflux, bathroom isues from constipation to basiclly water. On day i had such bad bouts that my octor at th time reffered me to a specialist who at the time gave me some pills that made me worst. After some reasearch i camevto learn bout align, so i purchased it nd try it. Duing the irst 3 month i wass feling a huge differece in my bowl movments and eating havits. I went fro eating nothing and bland diet to eating a lmost anything. Align sure save my life.

    This product wont work overnight, you must stay commited to 1 pill everyday. You will be amazed.