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  • Jonathan Pereira - Good and more detail than the film doco..I would recommend this regardless, but particularly if you have seen his documentary of the same name. It is a fascinating insight into modern "war" and supposed "fight against terror". In so doing we are almost without being aware giving up many hard fought for rights. Schahill has a succinct and non-preaching style, which makes reading this book a lot easier given the topic.
  • Melissa E. Penn "Contributor to human(e) evol... - 2012 - A Must Read - Really.I cannot recommend this book more highly. It distills into a beautifully crafted, readable prose, the ideas that are moving human consciousness forward on its evolutionary spiral. As someone who has read esoteric texts for the past 30 years, pouring over arcane manuscripts, wierdly written information, and downright garbage, this book is a godsend. As someone trained in scientific method, I find it is a good hypothesis to ponder. As a thealogian I state that this book moves multiple ideas that fuel religious and cultural myth into another realm entirely, and I think a better one.

    I do not advocate the use of drugs for psychic transformation (gigo) - and therefor the experiences of Daniel with regard to them are unimportant to me. What is important is that his impecabble use of logic, observation and a poet's sensitivity to the universe and its phenomena. Reading this text created a remarkable order for the mutitudes of factoids I have collected over the years.

    The information contained in this book is true to the best of my knowledge. The events and ideas are present in our consciousness and are spreading throughout our collective human experience. To take this information, consider it, and to perceive its worth is a worthy aim for anyone seeking to develop their consciousness forward.

    It is all to easy to scoff at the New Age 'movement' with its collection of snake oil, charlatans, and partial knowledge. It is easier to dismiss UFO's at silly. Still - there are things that have been witnessed that cannot be dismmissed, and which need to be considered and integrated into our human experience - for better or for worse. Under the vast underbelly of consumer culture lies a rich flora and fauna of mythopoetic experience, myth, wisdom, healing possibility and possibility.

    Daniel Pinchebeck separates the wheat from the chaff in 2012, and the result will cause you to rethink, relearn and redeploy your Spirit. The future is literally dropping upon us - Mr. Pinchbeck's book may be a key to creating the world for which we have been longing. For me, it is.
  • kelpkelpkelp - This is the Bible of GMAT prep.Buy this 3-5 months in advance of taking the GMAT, and it'll guide you through the entire process. It helped me to raise my original test score by nearly 100 points, and the full-length practice tests (included for free) could not have played a greater role in preparing my for the experience of taking a long, difficult test!
  • J. D. Walters "Heyzeus7" - Relevant for all who struggle with temptationWesley Hill is a most counter-cultural person: he is a homosexual Christian who nevertheless believes that 1) the Bible is categorically against all forms of homosexual expression, including a loving, committed relationship and 2) this condemnation is sound. As such he has committed himself to celibacy, unless (or until) he develops an attraction to the opposite sex.

    In this eloquent, fascinating book, Hill recounts his struggles as a homosexual Christian and gives an apologia for his current position. His struggle is two-fold: despite much prayer and pleading, he has not experienced a dramatic reversal of his sexual orientation, so he continues to be tempted by lustful feelings for other men. But because he believes it would be wrong to act on them, he experiences intense loneliness as well as shame. Given this two-front struggle, readers will wonder why he does not simply change his stance and enter a committed homosexual relationship. Why continue to abide by behavioral restrictions which most of our society views as outdated and puritanical anyway?

    The simple reason is that Hill believes the Gospel to be true: it reveals the truth about why God created the universe, including human beings, and what He intends for them. Because of that, the biblical condemnation of homosexuality is not arbitrary and tyrannical, but in fact a reflection of the way things ought to be in God's creation. If you're instructing someone how to use a car it is not arbitrary or tyrannical to insist that they must fill the tank with gasoline instead of vinegar: cars were made to run on gasoline, not vinegar. Even though this is a short book, Hill quite convincingly argues that the biblical narrative does, indeed, frown upon homosexual relationships. Thus, for a homosexual Christian who insists on being true to the Bible, celibacy is the only option.

    This is not to say that celibacy comes easily, even for a committed Christian. In fact, Hill recounts for us a life full of struggle, sighs, loneliness and desperation. After all, sexual longing is one of the most powerful desires we can experience, and we tend to view sexual expression as essential to living a fulfilling human life. By way of response, Hill suggests that this view of sexuality is an idol of modernity, and that sexual love, while amazing, is not the highest form of human love.By the end Hill is convinced that the God-given cure for loneliness is the kind of deep friendship that exists among the brothers and sisters in the Church, as well as the recognition that God Himself desires us, no matter our sexual orientation or our past sins.

    This is an incredibly powerful, uplifting little book. Hill writes eloquently and liberally quotes from classics in theology, literature and even film in support of his discussion. Some of the quotes themselves are worth the price of the book. But most importantly, Hill has given us an honest, searching account of the struggle of homosexual Christians to be faithful to the Gospel. Perhaps the most important thing that I took away from it is that, even though I'm not homosexual myself, I too face my own set of temptations and my own idols that I have to sacrifice in order to be faithful to the Gospel. For example, I am still single and must contend with the biblical mandate that sex be confined to the marriage bed. So his comments on the struggle with temptation are directly applicable to me personally, as I'm sure they would be to any reader regardless of their particular temptations.

    I am very grateful to Wesley Hill for writing this book, and I pray that he may find the acceptance and relational fulfillment that he is looking for.
  • Alexey Ermolin - Best book on video shooting I've read so farIf I was to have one book on video shooting it would be this one. It's clear, cut-to-the-chase and very inspirational. It's a great read, as happens when author knows and loves their subject. Yet after each chapter I had an itch to put the book down, grab my camera (or fire up my editing software) and do something I've just learnt. Thank you, Steve!

    Side note: this is not a technical manual. It is rather about what you should do to make a good video than how you do it. If you want to learn about exposure, depth of field or color grading, look elsewhere (there's plenty). Interestingly, author himself does not consider such knowledge as crucial. The book is about learning to make meaningful videos, and it is great at that.