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  • Raven Tempest - Faith, meet ScienceFor those who have been watching and waiting and praying, hope glimmers from the pages of this breathtaking report of wonderful, powerful ideas and ideals that are being manifested in our world! I welcome the opportunity to express my gratitude and joy in this book and think of it as a gift to all who read it. The people who contributed their work and thoughts and aspirations bring hope and inspiration to the grass rooters like myself. Thank you so very much !
  • VicG - Romance And Biblical Historical FictionTessa Afshar in her new book, "Harvest of Rubies" Book One in The Sarah/Darius Series published by River North Fiction Division of Moody Publishers takes us back to Biblical Persia 457 B. C.

    From the Back Cover: Remarkable talent Threatens to cloud a life

    The prophet Nehemiah has a cousin who can speak several languages, keep complex accounts, write on rolls of parchment and tablets of clay, and solve mysteries.

    This cousin is catapulted into the center of the Persian court - working long hours, rubbing elbows with royalty, and completing high-level tasks as a scribe for the queen.

    Not bad, for a woman living in a man's world.

    The talented Sarah has a glowing future, and those closest to her believe her good fortune is the product of none other than God's glorious design. Yet a devastating past has left Sarah with two strong conclusions: that God does not love her, and that her accomplishments are the measure of her worth.

    The only thing that will help her escape her idol of success, Sarah must learn to love and be loved - a task that could prove dangerous.

    I like history and Tessa Afshar, if she wasn't a writer of fiction, would make a great historian. Now add in that "Harvest of Rubies" is Biblical historical fiction and we have a full-blown winner. "Harvest of Rubies" takes place at the time of Nehemiah, the cup-bearer to King Artaxerxes, who will return, later, to Jerusalem and rebuild her walls. He has his own book in the Bible. Sarah is his cousin and she does the unthinkable at that time, which is to learn to read, write and do numbers. Eventually, this gets her promoted to being the Queen's scribe but none of these accomplishments give her a feeling of self-worth. When Sarah solves a mystery for the Queen, the Queen rewards her with a husband which doesn't work out so well at first. Now Sarah, with a little help, must deal with her self-worth issues and then, with her husband's help, once again come to the aid of the Queen. As I said if you enjoy history like I do then this book is for you. Ms. Afshar really makes you feel the heat and the dust. Every one of her characters seem to come alive and it is like actually being there in Persia with them. "Harvest of Rubies" is all about loving who God made you to be, families and relationships and that is what makes this book a winner. I enjoyed this book a lot and am looking forward to the next one.

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  • John Nguyen - GREAT movie, perhaps the smartest wuxia film in yearsHong Kong wuxia films have been in quite a slump. THIS could possibly be the savior of the genre, perhaps even moreso than Ip Man, despite being less mainstream popular. It's an impressive blend of detective film noir with wuxia. I wouldn't imagine being able to pull it off (I'm a filmmaker) if you tried to sell it to me, but here it is, and it's done WELL. Smart movie with great action (not a lot of action, but I've always preferred quality over quantity).
  • ChickenGirl "Christine" - GREAT PRODUCE, DOES WHAT IT CLAIMSOK, OK, it is not a topic we like to discuss with strangers. But here it goes:
    I bought this product after being bound up for a week. I started Weight Watchers and my system was not used to so many veggies at once. I tried Metamucil, totally did not work and made the situation worse! I was in Trader Joe's and thought $9.99, why not give SCC a try. I started with 3 capsules to see if it would work. After about 3 days, boy did it work! I now take 4/5 at night. I can get away with 3 capsules also, but taking the full daily suggest amount, you'd never leave the restroom.
    Now I find that if I do not take these, I'm in trouble and bound up again after about 4 days of not taking them. I take the tables with the acidophilus in them and I think that is the key. I tried the same brand with out the acidophilus and it did not seem to work as well.