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Hotel Yasmin, Prague. Yasmin Hotel Prague. - Yasmin Hotel Prague: The Yasmin Hotel is a marvellous 4-star structure situated in the heart of Prague, ideal destination both for business or pleasure trips in the capital.


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  • Yvonne Graf "ybo" - A great storyWhen my mother was dying in a hospital in Kansas I took this CD (and other Pink Floyd CDs) with me on the 700 mile drive. I bring this up for until that time (this was in 1998) I really had not LISTENED to this CD like I did then. I had owned this CD since it came out, and put it on as background music mostly but not truly listened to it. It really hit home to me how wonderful it is on that trip. Songs like "Take It Back" and my favorite "Coming Back to Life" made the trip easier. When I listen to this CD today I remember that drive and how it made it easier for me. I remember my mother too, which is a wonderful thing. Like all Pink Floyd albums I believe Roger Waters and company were trying to tell a story, and they pretty much left it up to the listener what that story was. I put together my own story as I listened to this CD on that long drive, and it's a great story indeed!
  • Tucker B. Sweeney - The book that saved my lifeThe SCD has been a complete lifesaver for me. I went from being in such poor health while battling UC and taking medication that did not work that I was seriously thinking of having surgery to remove my colon. The SCD was a long process of healing (over 2 years) yet has given me my life back. I have now been on the diet for over six years and would have it no other way. Its just natural now. This book is the one and only true resource for dietary healing for IBD conditions.

    Tucker Sweeney
    Author of Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. ~A Journey Through Life~Ulcerative Colitis and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
    BS Physical Education & Health
  • L. Roe - I feel fantastic!Follow this plan, and it works! Even more important then the weight loss is how much better I feel. I feel fantastic! No more afternoon lulls, I sleep better, I feel good. That's worth it!

    You may not lose 20 pounds in 28 days. The results are individual. I lost 14 pounds in 28 days. My metabolism may take longer to heal. Haven't met my goal weight yet, so I will continue on the plan for another 28 days.

    Thank you, Haylie!
  • Kat Gray - Good purchaseI was a die-hard Kaspersky fan for years but this time couldn't afford it. Norton used to be known for making your computer a slug, but many reviews have said that has changed. Tried a 30 day trial of this product and then easily and inexpensively downloaded it from here. I'm very impressed. It hasn't turned my computer to mush and seems to do an excellent job of catching the worst nasties out there. Recommended.
  • Kevin J. Fehr "KFear" - I was scared to purchase tooBefore i purchased, i couldn't stop reading the reviews and forums. I finally decided to purchase it and pray for a "good" one! So here is the deal

    -Wifi is not the strongest, but it's not bad either. If i did not read SO MUCH about the wifi issue, i wouldn't be able to say anything negative about the wifi. I can tell it's not the best, but i can connect everywhere i go with no issues: Coffee shops, restaurants and at home. Up to 40 feet away from the router and still two bars. Sometimes three bars. It's fine. If you have an issue switch it for another. It happens.

    -GPS. I have wifi on when using it. No issues. Without Wifi, it takes a bit while indoors. I can still find restaurants just fine. Going to use it in the car to find your way? You need to get a life!

    -Speed. It's fast, very fast. Still, ICS is not all the way there. It's great, but it's missing some optimization and key features. Give it time. Still, it's nice to have complete control. Open Source!

    -Screen. It's great. It's bright. Nothing wrong with it. Higher resolutions will be coming out. That doesn't make this one bad!

    How does it compare to IPAD? Who cares? Ok, the browser is great on ICS, but it's not as smooth as the IPAD experience. I'll take customizing and shortcuts ANY DAY over the endless navigation and poor multi-tasking on the IPAD. Plenty of apps for ICS and tablets. The prime is a much better laptop replacement. Don't fall for the museum like apple presentations and the marketing. Just get what works best for you.

    The Prime is outstanding. Spend time customizing and you have a live desktop of widgets and shortcuts which will cut operations in half. Just amazing. So much better than endless pages of apps. Want to be productive.....Prime!